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Bring It On

THE Cyberdemon
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now it looks like SIGIL mod

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cyberdemon? big deal, he's slim pickings
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Генерал АДА
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*just read title* GTA SA cheat :thumbsup: will give you INSANELY 6-stats wanted-level....better to have an hydra first!
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is obvious that is not hard. even i killed him on the first time
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The rocket launcher or BFG? The Cyberdemon isn't that hard if you keep strafing.  Set your left and right keys to strafe, and you can shoot at the same time while you dodge his rockets.  It takes only 45 rockets to kill the Cyberdemon.
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must be RFG. yeah i wish! there's a level (I'm from Libya, so I wasn't know a lot of English like now) when there's a LOT of gates (SOMEWHERE in doom II)....I think the last one that opens is the one with AT LEAST 10 cyberdemons!!! ;_; I know myself when about to loose as the door opens and these dudes appear, there's a secret door (?) before that one that opens somehow with the BFG in it....if that one DIDN'T OPEN I'm already a DEAD MEAT!!!
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Ok, who flipped off the Cyberdemon?!
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I just love this picture of the Cyberdemon.

The meanest bastard in FPS history.
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Your Doom art never fails to impress. Another excellent job Kracov!
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father of all monsters! I love these red eyes! so creepy
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As always you blow me away with your work. X333
Very awesome version of the Cyberdemon; it's incredibly close to the original design (something which I can never re-create) but it's also in your own distinct style. The background adds to the kreepy epicness. :3
Brilliant. :D
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Thanks. You can't recreate an original design? Maybe I can help with that?
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No, no, I can recreate AN original design, it's just the Cyberdemon I seem to veer away from in terms of details (eg. Eyes not far apart enough etc.) XD

And welcome. :3
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Most excellent. :D
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awesome drawing! in my opinion the biggest badass demon and scariest ever. i still have nightmares about these guys haha
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Ah, the nightmares from when I was 5, good times....wait
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Awesome, this brought back some memories! I remember having nightmares after playin' this game.
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Yeah, beeach! Good work recreating the vanilla cyber demon design.
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Here comes the choo-choo train!
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