Darling in the FranXX: Doughy Darlings

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    Hiro Zero Two

     (Images used for character reference.)


    There was a gentle hum as the glass panels over the habitation dome activated. Against the glaring desert sun the greenhouse darkened as the storm simulation began. Audio loops of thunder played over the speaker system as mist and rain was released from the filtration system, fans placed in the ceiling blowing the fresh water through the trees. It was a biweekly watering for the forest grounds, leaving the Parasites to huddle in their dorms, left with nothing to do except spend time with themselves.

    Staring at himself in the mirror, tugging at his uniform, Hiro sighed. The reflection greeting him wasn't one he was happy to meet, but no amount of fidgeting or fussing with his shirt was going to fix this. Letting go of the hem, the parasite winced as it rode up over his middle, a small, pale gut poking out. It wasn't much, but there was a definite fluffiness there that hadn't been there before.

    This impromptu inspection had begun after Nana had called them all inside to avoid the incoming "weather". It was only after the first rain drops had fallen that Hiro had felt a noticeable chill. Upon returning to his room had he finally noticed that his shirt had begun to ride up. Memories of a heavy breakfast filled with honey and meat came to him, and he winced. He'd been eating like that for weeks, mostly due to changes in his life, and it seemed that training wasn't enough anymore to keep him fit. 

    Glancing back into the mirror and pinching his gut, Hiro had to admit that it was more than a handful of pounds. It wasn't just his stomach that was thicker, but his whole body had slightly more to it then before. His legs were wider, his thighs just slightly touching as he stood, with a stomach that was just about to flop over onto them with the next ten pounds. The sleeves of his uniform were drawn tighter, bloated biceps swelling with fat instead of muscle. Even his face seemed a bit rounded, a double chin forming as he tipped his head towards the ground.

    He couldn't see his feet without moving them forward.

    Another sigh escaped his lips, but it was quickly chased by a yell as something warm and soft impacted his back. Hands reached around his front to grasp at his stomach, pinching it much more firmly as his jelly belly was given a firm shake. Glancing over his shoulder, Hiro's flustered expression met the devious grin of-


    "Hello, Darling." Purring out the words as she caressed his belly, the young woman gave a toothy grin. Her sharp teeth stood in contrast to the fluffiness of her face, Zero-Two's cheeks bouncing slightly as she spoke. 

    Hiro's gains hadn't been brought on over nothing. After the Klaxosaur attack that had threatened their Plantation, Hiro had quickly gotten to know his new partner. Even with her reputation as the Partner Killer, he'd found himself enjoying their time together. Zero-Two had seem just as delighted to be with her Darling, bending and breaking to be with him whenever she could. The two lovebirds had started to sneak time in between training sessions, lectures, and missions whenever they could. The most time that they could spend together, however, was during meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner had to be dragged out as long as possible in order for them to be together, and so long as they were still eating protocol allowed them to stay in contact.

    While Hiro had upheld his side of the strategy, Zero-Two had gone well beyond what was necessary. In one of their many conversations, the female Parasite had revealed a past diet subsisting on only rations and the occasional candies, having her diet closely monitored and taken care up due to her special status. It was only after joining the Squad 13 that she'd had those restrictions lifted, and was eager to try whatever her greedy claws could reach. Hiro's chest had felt tight as he watched Zero-Two scarf down her meals, slurping down cuts of meat slathered in honey with her bare hands and glutting on fruits that sprayed juice across her face. Feelings had awakened that neither of them knew they had, and while nothing had ever been verbalized, both were increasingly certain that these increasing changes were positive.

    That didn't stop Hiro from still worrying that they'd gone too far. "Zero-Two, please, close the door!" Mortified that someone might see them, the young man tried to pry his girlfriend's hands off of his gut so that they could ensure their privacy. The pink haired Parasite couldn't care less if they were seen, but she could respect his wishes.

    She could save public teasing for another time.

    "If you say so, Darling." Releasing him, the oni sauntered backwards, closing the door with her hips. Stepping away himself, Hiro say down heavily on his bed, the springs groaning lightly under him. He felt his belly rest in his lap, but his concerns over that were lost as he began to worry again about what their relationship had done to Zero-Two.

    While Hiro could still get by calling himself chubby, Zero-Two had crossed that line, and several other lines, long ago. Before him was someone obese, and even then that seemed ill fitting. Easily twice Hiro's weight, the oni was colossal. Her red dress did little to help hide her shape, showing off her stocking clad thighs as they rubbed together down to her knees, each one as wide as Hiro's shoulders. Zero-Two's hips were even wider, a fact that was made clear as she waddled closer, threatening to knock against his furniture as she approached. Leaning over him, Hiro gulped as he stretched back, trying to avoid being bumped by her gargantuan gut. As she over her hefty bust, all that the male Stamen could see was her eyes, but he could feel Zero-Two's coy smile even if he couldn't see it.

    "So," she breathed, taking a seat next to him. The bed loudly groaned as she added her weight to his, over a quarter ton of fatty sitting there. With her thigh packed tight against his, she traced a hand along his leg, resting it on his belly. Acting as though nothing was happening, she continued. "What's wrong? You seemed so down, Darling. I thought you liked the rain?"

    Fumbling with his words as her hand played with his gut, he had to find a place to rest his own mitts. The only suitable place seemed to be Zero-Two's stomach, and her own cheeks grew a slight red dusting as he sunk his fingers into it. With his free hand tapping against the bedpost, Hiro glanced out as rain streaked against the pane.

    "I just-" He struggled for a moment, his hesitant nature wanting him to keep his complaints to himself, but a squeeze from his partner egged him on. Searching for the words, he spoke up again. "I don't know if we should keep doing... this. I'm worried that we're going to just keep getting bigger and if that keeps up, then-"


    Cutting him off as usual, her bluntness an interruption he normally welcomed, Hiro blinked. Turning back to her, his eyes widened as he found himself an inch from her face, eyes narrowed as a playful smile rested on her face. "What?" He mouthed, only for her to lean in closer. Her belly gently pushed against his as she gently touched foreheads, Zero-Two's horns brushing his hair. "Then what happens?" She repeated, egging him on for a response.

    "We could be punished?" Her smiled twitched, and she gave a deep laugh. "So?" she repeated again at him, "I don't care. They can think what they want. I want my Darling, and I want him bigger." The last word was a hot breath on his cheek, making Hiro shiver and cling to her closer. "Our synchronization is high, and you don't need to do anything except push pedals and pull levers. I want this. Do you, Darling?"

    Swallowing heavily as he found himself in this situation, a simulated thunderbolt rang out across the terrarium. Seeing the light from the window catch in her gaze, the strange markings around her eyes making the green of her iris shine even brighter. His breath was taken away as she leaned in, bringing her lips against hips.

    Whatever he was going to say was lost as she leaned into the embrace. Bed springs groaned as she pushed him down, lips hot and warm as her weight pressed down on him. Gasping, he felt a hand take a gruff grasp of his gut, and he glanced up at his lover, eyes wide. Licking her lips, humming as she savored the taste of the kiss, she only had one thing to say.

    "You taste like honey, but they didn't serve that today. Are you holding out on me, Darling?"


    "Are you super sure that it's all okay? It's been, like, a month since they left and I'm starting to wonder if they're coming back." Jabbing a fork in Ichigo's direction as though it made her point more valid, she yelped as a piece of bacon slipped off the end of it. Sighing as her friend tried to frantically impale the slice again, the blue Pistil gave the same response she had to all of her squad mates since the two ace members had left. 

    "The two of them were asked to participate in a long term study on synchronization effects. Nana said that they would return in roughly one month. It's due to be soon."

    It hadn't brought her any joy to see her friend taken away from her to be with Zero-Two, but her protests fell on deaf ears as she'd watched Hiro and his partner be shuttled off to a different section of the Plantation. Her only hope was that extended time together would help him see that the pink haired klaxosaur wasn't the one for him.

    Finishing her light breakfast, Ichigo made to stand. Before she could make it out the door, however, she froze as a familiar pair of voices reached her ears.

    "...-ince breakfast, Zero-Two. Do you really need it again?"

    "I don't, but I heard someone's tummy growl, Darling. It wasn't mine."

    Raising an eyebrow at the topic of conversation, but nonetheless happy to know that the two were back, Ichigo did her best to quell her excitement and present herself as a squad leader should. Pushing open the dining room doors, she opened her mouth to greet the two in the entry hall and welcome them back to the habitat.

    Instead she nearly collapsed out of shock.

    Hiro and Zero-Two were almost unrecognizable. If it weren't for their voices and the recognizable colors of their hair, it would have been easy to mistake them for over stuffed marshmallows. Taking deep breaths to calm herself, Ichigo placed a hand on the wall to steady herself and make sure she wasn't dreaming.

    To her left, lightly rebutting the claim Zero-Two had just made, was Hiro. He had only been slightly overweight before he left, but now he could have fit his former self into one of his legs. Easily approached half a ton, the young man was gargantuan. His legs were built wider than the trees outside, rippling as he shifted his immense weight from one to another. His ass stuck out like a shelf behind him, swaying from the walk that must have brought him inside, tugging down the seat of his pants to expose the tops of two massive cheeks. Hiro's gut hung just above the floor, hanging farther out than his flabby arms could reach. The parasite's triple chinned face was red from the exertion of walking and the embarrassment of Zero-Two pointing out his hunger.

    To Ichigo's right stood Zero-Two. Laughing as she chided her lover, it was the epitome of a pot calling a kettle black. A hundred or so pounds heavier than Hiro, she accomplished whatever he was only close to doing. Where his legs only touched to his knees, the tops of her calves were beginning to press together. His rear was still somewhat contained, while even Zero-Two's breathing caused her body to wobble enough to flash her bright red underwear to the world. The bottom of her stomach firmly rested on the ground, and the oni's sausage fingers needed to sink into her gut until they vanished so she could haul it up off the ground to keep walking. Her breasts were sight blocking, thrice the size of her head as they strained the buttons of her uniform to their limit. In that regard, Hiro's moobs were matching as they bounced and tugged at his blouse buttons as well.

    Too involved in their conversation, teasing and commenting on each other's size, neither one noticed the wafer thin Ichigo. Lost in her shock, she couldn't do anything as they passed. She felt either side of the press on her, stumbling forward and completely vanishing into the sides of their guts. Love handles rolled over her as they waddled along, their cliff sized hips bumping and squishing her between them. Falling to the ground as they paused, sweating from the heat of all that flab, she could hear her teammates yelp and shout in shock as the duo entered. 

    She could hear them talking about how this was part of their training, all the view how synchronicity worked under extreme morphological changes, but it was all lost on Ichigo. Seeing the smiles on their wide, multi-chinned faces left her with only one recourse if she didn't want to lose Hiro to Zero-Two. Catching her breath and dusting herself off, Ichigo marched right past the two blobs. Her teammates were offering them their breakfasts, amazing and curious to see these immense people eat, but Ichigo had better plans.

    Mainly, she had to get a second breakfast.    
i wrote this all in one sitting because i said i'd do it this week and i techinically did

lemme know if this sleep deprived thing is decent    

also darling in the franxx is still relevant right
© 2020 Krabopolis
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Phat94Hobbyist Writer
Fantastic stuff, just what I wanted to see after the delightful scene of her gorging on honeyhams. I'm not normally into mutual gains but you hit all the right notes with the way Zero Two interacted with heavy Hiro. I'd love to have seen more of their relationship at that early stage, and how the other pilots reacted to them starting to plump up, what with Zero Two's mention of public humiliation.

The only sleep deprived part I see is "As she over her hefty bust".

Hope to see another story with a similiar dynamic from you in future!
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Thanks, I really admire your stuff so this really means a lot.
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Great story!!!