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basta business cards 2

Recently my darling Petzo made his own company.
It's called BASTA (:
Actually the name was my idea. We are working together print and web projects. I totally enjoy working with him. He is the greatest boss I have ever had ((:

These cards were my christmas gift for him (:
I wanted to make them rounded, but I could't cause they would not fit to card holder. So I thought that if I cut them, they will be big enough to read the text and small enough to fit in card holders (:

I used my two of favorite colors from this period of my live: Pantone 7466 - turquoise and Pantone 7533 for brown (:

szc thanks for the logo [=
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Genial, gran concepto
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awesome. This is great =)
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Very interesting! It`s not common, yet very cool!
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yum yum yum I love those colours too :love:
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great idea!! Love the colors, but I love the shape you chose for them, and how you had them finished...

Would you ever post a template of the way you designed it??
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thanks bunches!
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awesome..wat is the part u cut made for?
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you never stop making me impressed. you know, I really like the way you do your artworks. they are simple but shining among the crowed. plz keep it up always and show me more ;)
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Love it! How did you do it? Where'd you get it printed? How'd you get it cut that way? I'm wanting to make some myself or get some done :)
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it's pretty easy
i printed them in a printing house in my town sofia
they can do whatever you wish [=
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Ochen' horoshyie vizitki! ;)
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very very great idea and nice colours i like your art work :)
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great idea! You produce some of the most simple (as in clean ;) ) yet bold and fresh work I've seen in a long time.

Love it!
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thanks crezo :w00t:
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nice card u have done
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where did you get these printed and cut?
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in my town Sofia [=
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can you give me the printers website?
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they don't have one
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