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Miraculous Ladybug: Time for the Truth- Chapter 10
Chapter 10: New Beginnings
Marinette gently took the blindfold off her eyes. She squinted against the light shining in front of her. Once her vision returned to normal, she gasped, amazed at what was before her. She was on the very top of the Eiffel Tower, standing in front of what she thought was just breathtaking. To the left of her, a maroon blanket lay on the floor with picnic baskets sitting beside it. To her right was a metal-plated stereo system sitting on top of a decorative table with a glass top. Surrounding her were hundreds of twinkling lights, strung onto the fences. Flickering paper lanterns hung from above her, attached to the iron beams of the tower. Marinette was awestruck. She's been to the top of the Eiffel Tower before. However, with everything around her, the view was ten times more extravagant than she had ever witnessed. All her senses were on a joyride, making her feel a
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Miraculous Ladybug: Time for the Truth- Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Recovery
Marinette had to spend two nights in the hospital so the doctors could fully assess her. She didn't suffer any major injuries which she couldn't have been more thankful for. She was glad to hear that she didn't have to spend too long recovering in the hospital. She wanted to get back on her feet and see the world she risked her life to save. Marinette did feel bad that Adrien had to live with the memory of almost destroying the city and its people. All that Marinette wanted to do was be there for him in every instance. The guilt of running away from him was still killing her inside, even though Adrien seemed joyous to see her after the akuma left. She hoped that he would be able to forgive her.
Marinette's friends and family visited her often. Her parents stayed with her for most of the two days. They ate lunch and dinner with her and then went home to sleep. When they hear
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Miraculous Ladybug: Time for the Truth- Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Only Love Can Conquer Hate
A wave of light traveled up from Ladybug's feet to her head, making her costume disappear and turning her back into Marinette. The lucky charm in her hand disappeared from her hand. Marinette looked down at her hand as it vanished. Tikki suddenly appeared in front of Marinette, confused and worn out. Plagg flew over to her and held her as she regained her strength.
"You okay?" Plagg asked Tikki.
"I'm okay. Thanks." Tikki responded. She turned to see Marinette standing there, looking confident. "M...Marinette? What are you...why are you-" Tikki said before being interrupted. Marinette lifted her head.
"Saving Adrien." Marinette said to her. Tikki scratched the top of her head.
"Wait, what? How can you when you're without your powers?" Plagg asked her.
"I was just thinking the same thing. Marinette, you're not making any sense!" Tikki added.
"Look, I know yo
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Miraculous Ladybug: Time for the Truth- Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Running On Luck
"Ladybug?" Gabin called over the intercom of the jet.
"I'm all ears, Gabin." Ladybug responded.
"We've arrived at our destination. I'm landing outside of the city so you are out of harm's way for the time being. Get ready." Gabin warned her. She stood up, walking over to a parachute pack nearby the door. She picked it up, put it on her back, and grabbed the plane door handle. She opened the door, revealing nothing but open air. She felt the strong winds blow against her, making her hold on to the plane to keep balance. She looked down and saw a starlit field filled with hay. Taking a deep breath, she prepared to jump out of the plane, when, Gabin's voice called out to her.
"Good luck, Ladybug! Godspeed!"
"Thank you, sir!" She said. She turned her head in the opposite direction, seeing Timothe standing there.
"Thank you Ladybug...for everything you've done and have be
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Miraculous Ladybug: Time for the Truth- Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Role Model
Ladybug hopped onto the jet before it took off. Her jaw dropped at what she saw. The interior of the jet was exquisitely furnished. Furniture was neatly arranged around the cabin with a bar in the back. A bartender was waiting to serve. Ladybug stood there, taking it all in.
"Well, looks like I'll be traveling to Paris in style." Ladybug said as she walked around. Plagg poked his head out of her hair to observe everything.
"Okay, there's gotta be some camembert around here." He whispered, feeling the effects of withdrawal. Ladybug put her hand on top of him, pushing him back into her hair. She walked to her right towards a sofa near a window looking out at Varengeville-sur-Mer. She looked out, seeing the clouds, the moon, and the stars. The stars made the sky glow bright and the water below glisten in the moonlight. It was absolutely breathtaking. The waves from the chann
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Miraculous Ladybug: Time for the Truth- Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Calling for Help
"So who are you calling again?" Plagg asked Ladybug with her yo-yo held in front of her. Ladybug was pacing back and forth. Plagg followed her.
"Someone I never...EVER...thought I would ask for help from." Ladybug said with slight regret. The yo-yo was on speaker. The dial tone rang. A voice was heard.
"What do you want?" Chloe Bourgeois answered the phone. Ladybug rolled her eyes at the way she answered the phone. She took a deep breath, regretting what she was doing. She couldn't believe she was calling the one person that bullies her constantly.
"Chloe. It's Ladybug. I…"Ladybug gritted her teeth. "...need your help."
"Ladybug!? Asking me for help?!...well, of course, why wouldn't you? We're talking about me here. Where are you? You're taking long enough to get here you know." Chloe complained. Ladybug groaned at her nagging. Even
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Miraculous Ladybug: Time for the Truth- Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Emotions Run Wild
A wave of darkness came from the photo of Marinette and spread all over Adrien. His clothes transformed into a bodysuit of red and black. He wore black gloves and a worn-down cape with a hood over his head. On his right leg was a pocket holding the photo of Marinette. His eyes were filled with black and his pupils glowed a blood red. His face shifted to an evil look.
"Now, time to show Paris what true pain really feels like." Couverture said to himself, snickering. He levitated off the ground. He flew with lightning speed away from the channel, heading to Paris. Plagg was sitting inside a camera bag, away from Couverture. He peeked out of the bag, seeing what used to be Adrien, farther away, completely transformed into an evil villain. Noticing Adrien's transformation, he gasped.
"No...ohhhh no no no no no!" Plagg said to himself in a panic. He snuck away and flew
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Miraculous Ladybug: Time for the Truth- Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Gone Too Far
Marinette and Adrien walked beside the edge of the cliff. The moon was still shining brightly. There was a slight breeze due to the channel's waves. Fireflies were glowing around them. It was a very romantic atmosphere; the perfect setting for an evening stroll. Although Marinette couldn't ask for anything better than a walk with Adrien, she was extremely nervous now. She couldn't help but think of all the possibilities as to why Adrien wanted to take a walk with her. Okay, Adrien asked me to take a walk with him. This is nice. Okay...but why is he acting
As they walked, they remained very quiet. They were both nervous to talk. Even Adrien was hesitant to talk, even though he was the one to ask to take a walk. There has never been a moment where they were alone at a place like this. Adrien gained a little confidence.
"So...uh-" Adrien spoke.
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Miraculous Ladybug: Time for the Truth- Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Not What She Expected
Marinette, accompanied by Adrien, walked out of the bakery. Adrien went ahead and opened the car door for her. Marinette stepped inside the car as he followed her. He closed the door and the car began to move.
"So...where is the photoshoot?" Marinette said as she and Adrien buckled themselves in.
"Actually, I can't say." Adrien told her. Marinette was confused.
"Huh? Why?" Marinette asked him.
"Hey, you can't be the only one with..." Adrien leaned towards her. "...surprises." He said as he winked at her. Marinette smiled and blushed. She noticed that Adrien's behavior had changed since he saw the photos in her room. He'd been playful around her a lot lately. Marinette wasn't against it, of course. She thoroughly enjoyed being treated like this. She just wondered why he had been acting this way all of a sudden. Nonetheless, she decided to enjoy it as long as it
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Miraculous Ladybug: Time for the Truth- Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Pick-Ups and Lost Phones
It was late in the afternoon in Paris, France. The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Nobody could ask for a better, more brighter day to be out and about. Marinette was one of the lucky ones of the day. Today was Adrien's photoshoot. She was ecstatic. She waited for 2 weeks for this day to come. One whole day with Adrien was more than she could have ever imagined.
"Can you believe it, Tikki? A photoshoot! With Adrien! I can't believe this is happening!" Marinette said as she searched through her dresser, picking out an outfit for the special occasion. Clothes flew all over the room. Tikki floated next to her, dodging a purple shirt that nearly hit her.
"I'm so happy for you, Marinette! Maybe it's a good thing Adrien saw the photos of him in your room. Things happen for a reason, just like how there was a reason you became Ladybug." Tikki t
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10 Years since 'The Kiss'
Today marks 10 years since Kim Possible: So the Drama aired and since the first kiss shared between Kim and Ron.
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Hi there! You obviously have learned A LOT from Stephen! This is great! I love how you show two sides; Good vs. Evil. You have really c...

Hi there! I love this sketch! It really brings out Kim's and Ron's personalities. I could see this being in an episode from the origina...

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From a fellow KP artist, You did a wonderful job on this! :happybounce: First of all, I really like the fact that you used mixed media for this! Th...


I've been on SUCH a Miraculous Ladybug hype that I decided to make this little 30 second vid!
To everyone being hit by that big meanie, Hurricane Florence, PLEASE stay safe! I'm going to be hit by it too. Don't worry though! I'm in Virginia on the very edge of the border between here and North Carolina so I'm probably going to get only a bit of wind and a LOT of rain out of it. My family's got all of our supplies and food ready to go and we tied down all of our things outside so we are fully prepared for what's to come. But for those who are getting the worst of it, please stay safe and indoors! I have been and will be praying for all of you! :hugs:


Chapter 10: New Beginnings

Marinette gently took the blindfold off her eyes. She squinted against the light shining in front of her. Once her vision returned to normal, she gasped, amazed at what was before her. She was on the very top of the Eiffel Tower, standing in front of what she thought was just breathtaking. To the left of her, a maroon blanket lay on the floor with picnic baskets sitting beside it. To her right was a metal-plated stereo system sitting on top of a decorative table with a glass top. Surrounding her were hundreds of twinkling lights, strung onto the fences. Flickering paper lanterns hung from above her, attached to the iron beams of the tower. Marinette was awestruck. She's been to the top of the Eiffel Tower before. However, with everything around her, the view was ten times more extravagant than she had ever witnessed. All her senses were on a joyride, making her feel a wave of nothing but pleasant emotion. It's like the fantasies she has had of her and Adrien were coming to life. She was in seventh heaven and on the verge of tears.

"Oh my gosh! Adrien, did you...did you do all of this?" Marinette asked as she walked around, observing what she thought was a masterpiece.

"Yeah. Do you like it?" Adrien nervously asked, hoping that Marinette was satisfied. He worked for hours on end to make sure everything was perfect. His top priority was that nothing would ruin this night with her. He wanted her to be happy. Seeing her run off crying in Varengeville-sur-Mer was something that he never wanted to witness ever again. It tore his heart in two when it happened.

"Are you kidding me? I love it! It's too beautiful for words!" Marinette replied. Adrien didn't expect a response like that. It was a little more than he had hoped.

"Wait, really?" Adrien asked her.

"Of course! Who wouldn't? I mean, a private picnic on the top of the Eiffel tower? Music? A clear starry night sky? It's absolutely wonderful! I'm just hoping you didn't spend every penny you have." Marinette said, overjoyed. "You must have worked really hard setting this up."

"Well, actually, my father paid for everything." Adrien told her. Marinette turned her head in shock. "The decorations, the food, the stereo, reserving the Eiffel Tower for us; this is all because of him." Adrien said with a smile on his face.

"Wait a minute, you're father helped you with this?" Marinette asked, making sure she heard that correctly. From what she knew about Adrien's father, he was the last person she'd expect to give a hand in something like this.

"Yeah, surprising, right? I didn't even ask. He sort of just...offered. After he heard about the whole situation at Varengeville-sur-Mer and after the whole situation with me being akumatized and all, he wanted to do everything he could to give a good start to our relationship." Adrien told her. A smile grew on Marinette's face.

"What?" Adrien chuckled. Marinette waved her hands around.

"Oh! Sorry, sorry, it's just that you said we're in a relationship." Marinette said to him. Adrien smiled back, happily sighing at her.

"Well, aren't we?" Adrien asked her, playfully raising an eyebrow.

"Well, I think we are. Do you...think we are? I mean, we really never made it official." Marinette responded. Adrien laughed, finding her uncertainty a bit amusing.

"Marinette, I kissed your forehead last night. Plus, I'm taking you to this romantic spot on top of the Eiffel Tower. I wouldn't do that for just anybody." He told her.

"You have a point." Marinette laughed along with him. "So we are a couple then?" She asked, a little unsure. A lot of what was going on felt surreal to her. She just wanted to be absolutely certain. She also just wanted to hear him say yes too, just because she liked hearing it. Adrien walked over to her and pulled her into a gentle hug.

"Yeah. We are." Adrien replied. Marinette smiled before taking her arms and wrapping them around Adrien's neck, pulling him in closer. She dug her nose into his shoulder, taking in the smell of his jacket. She felt Adrien squeeze her a bit tighter. Adrien could smell the scent of her shampoo coming from her hair. He sniffed deeply, taking pleasure in it. Marinette suddenly felt the need to say something.

"You know, Plagg told me about how your father doesn't treat you like he should." She told Adrien. He let go slightly so they were face to face.

"He did?" Adrien said, wide-eyed.

"Mmhmm. I think maybe...your father is realizing that he needs to treat you better. He might have done this to show he's going to change." Marinette told him. "Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Believe me, I know." Marinette began to explain, thinking about everything that's happened in the past few days. "What I've discovered though is that everyone can fix the mistakes they've made. Just like how we fixed ours. I think he's trying to fix his." Marinette told him with a hopeful grin. Adrien felt a sense of optimism.

"You know, you may be right." Adrien said to her. Marinette reciprocated with a smile. Marinette felt good inside, knowing that she had put a spark of faith in him. Adrien glanced over at the picnic area he set up. "You should go take a look at what's inside the picnic baskets." He told her. Marinette let go of Adrien and walked over and sat herself down on the blanket. She turned her body towards the picnic baskets and proceeded to open them. Adrien followed her, sitting beside her. She looked inside, seeing a white box. She took the box out of the basket and placed it on her lap. She looked at the label on the top. She realized exactly where it came from. She knew she recognized the scent she smelled when she first arrived here.

"Wait, these are from my parents' bakery." Marinette said to herself as Adrien looked over her shoulder. She opened the box, revealing rows of delectable macarons. They were all decorated in a rainbow of colors. "Macarons! My favorite!" Marinette turned her head. "How'd you know?" She asked Adrien.

"I kind of didn't. I just took a guess. Tikki loves macarons just as much as Plagg loves his stinky camembert so I thought you would like them too." Adrien told her.

"I do, actually." Marinette chuckled. She pointed at Adrien. "So, do you like-"

"Camembert? Oh, no. I can't stomach the stuff." Adrien replied with his palms facing her. He watched as Marinette took a pink macaron from the box and bit into it. She closed her eyes, moaning from how delicious her parents' baking was. "Wow, you really do like them!" Marinette nodded in agreement.

"It's funny. I've had these more times than I can count but yet, I cannot get over how amazing they taste." She said before she began to wonder something. She pointed at him. "Have you ever had my parents' macarons before?" She asked him.

"I haven't, no. Why do you ask?" Adrien told her. Marinette's eyes grew wide. She took a green macaron from the box and handed it to Adrien. He grabbed it and observed it. He then shifted his gaze to her. "I've had a macaron before, you know." He chuckled.

"Trust me. It's worth it." She said, winking at him. He took the macaroon and bit into it. He froze. His eyes grew wide. This was unlike any he had ever tasted in his life. He was astonished by the taste. He rattled his head, dumbfounded at what he just put in his mouth.

"Woah! How do your parents do it!? These are incredible!" Adrien said, holding his head in disbelief.

"I told you." Marinette giggled. She noticed another picnic basket beside Adrien. She pointed to it. "So what's in there?" Adrien turned to see what she was pointing too.

"Oh, just some stuff to drink." Adrien told her as he opened the basket. He took out some bottles of water and two thermoses. Marinette wondered what could be in them.

"What's in the thermoses?" Marinette asked him.

"Well, I took some time to make some hot chocolate. You want some?" Adrien asked her. Marinette nodded. Adrien handed her a thermos. She opened it, smelling the delectable scent of chocolate and feeling the steam against her face. She took a sip of it. She couldn't believe how good it tasted.

"This is delicious! To be honest, this is some of the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted!" Marinette told him. Adrien's face lit up.

"Well don't thank me. Thank my mother." Adrien said to her. Confused, Marinette quickly turned her head towards him. She thought that his mom went missing.

"" Marinette asked to double check she heard that right.

"Yeah. It's her recipe. I found it while looking for the picnic baskets." Marinette understood now. Adrien tried making it. "She made this all the time for me before…" Adrien tried keeping it together as best as he could. He didn't want to ruin Marinette's night. Marinette noticed he was a little choked up about it. She took her hand and placed it on his right hand laying on the blanket to comfort him. Adrien composed himself and began to speak again. "Anyway, I tried to make it myself. It's not as good as hers, but-" Marinette took her free hand and placed her finger on his lips.

"Adrien, it's perfect." Marinette told him. He smiled.

"Thanks." He said before lying on his back. He patted the empty spot next to him. "Lay down and relax, M'Ladybug." Marinette rolled her eyes and giggled.

"Oh, so now you're gonna call me M'Ladybug now, huh?" Marinette asked him as she put the thermos beside her and lied down next to him.

"Well, I don't think M'Marinette sounds right...sounds like I'm stuttering." Adrien replied. Marinette laughed.

"You're right. Besides, I actually like it when you call me M'Ladybug or M'Lady...even before I found out you were Cat Noir." Marinette told him.

"Soooooo does that mean you're gonna start calling me Kitty Cat?" Adrien said as he moved his eyebrows up and down. Marinette smirked. She shrugged.

"I don't know...maybe." She told him. They both turned their heads to the sky, looking at the shimmering stars above them. The sky was clear of any clouds, making the starlight shine so bright. The moon was full, shining down on the two of them, gleaming splendidly. "You know, you picked the perfect night for this. I have never seen the sky so clear." Marinette said.

"I know. It's breathtaking, really." Adrien responded. Marinette inhaled a deep breath before letting it out, taking in this moment.

"You know, there've been times when I've looked up at the stars and wondered about just how many there are out there in the world. It makes me consider that maybe...there might be that many people that have had a positive impact from you and I. It makes me glad that I get to save Paris. It gives me the motivation to keep doing good." Marinette smiled. "Now that I know who I'm fighting crime with, it makes it all the more meaningful." She told him. Adrien smiled. Marinette shifted her gaze towards him, admiring the way his blonde hair gleamed in the moonlight and how his eyes lit up like emeralds. Marinette had so many thoughts rushing through her head at that moment, like how amazing she felt, how wonderful this night is turning out, and questions; many, many questions.

"Hey, do you mind if-"

"Hmm?" Adrien turned his head.

"Do you mind if I ask what your mom was like?" Marinette asked him. Adrien glanced to the side for a second. He took a deep breath before looking at Marinette once again.

"Not at all." He replied with a smile. He turned his head back up towards the sky. "My mom was amazing. She was humble, caring, selfless...a lot like you actually." Adrien said. Marinette's eyes lit up. "She didn't just make my father and I happy. She gave the whole world happiness. Her joy was literally contagious." Adrien chuckled, thinking about the times he shared with his mother. "I remember how she would walk in the house after work and let out a great big, 'Hellooooooo family!'" Adrien laughed as he waved his arms around in excitement just as his mother did. Marinette chuckled. Adrien continued to speak.

"Then, she would come over to me and give me this gigantic warm hug." His voice grew tranquil. "I remember her telling me something. She said 'If I was offered endless joy and delight, I wouldn't need it. You give me that by being my son; my beautiful boy who I will love and treasure…" Adrien paused for a second, "...forever and always.'" Marinette put her hand over her heart. Those words were beautiful in Marinette's eyes. The way Adrien talks about her made Marinette much more aware of how much she meant to him...what she still means to him. "I really miss her." He said as his voice grew even more somber. Marinette had no idea what it was like to lose someone that meaningful. She tried to hold back tears as she felt a great deal of sympathy. Marinette shifted herself closer to Adrien, resting her head against his shoulder.

"Your mom sounded wonderful. Thank you..for telling me about her." Marinette told him. Adrien felt reassured. He rested his head on Marinette's, feeling a sense of closure. Adrien has wanted to talk about his mom to someone. He felt like he wouldn't have been able to talk to anybody about her. For more than a year, he held it all in, like a diary with a lock and key. Now that he let it out, he felt as if a weight has been lifted; like he could be an open book.

"You're welcome." Adrien replied. He turned his head to look at Marinette. He took in the sight of what he thought was true beauty. Her blue eyes sparkled like ocean water and her midnight hair glowed against the luminous light of the moon.

"You really are the cat's meow." Adrien said without realization. Marinette turned her head to face his.

"Huh?" Marinette wondered. Adrien suddenly blushed in embarrassment. He shot up and started waving his hands around.

"Oh! I uh…it just blurted out! Sorry, I-" Adrien said in a panic. Marinette started laughing as she sat up. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing. It's just that you're Cat Noir side is showing." Marinette replied. Adrien snickered a little.

"Oh, you think this is my Cat Noir side, huh?" Adrien asked her with a playfully raised eyebrow.

"Well...I mean...yeah. I think so." Marinette replied as she shrugged. Suddenly, Adrien stood up and held his hand out for Marinette.

"Come here." Adrien told her. Marinette took his hand and stood up. He guided her over to an empty part of the floor nearby the stereo. He put his hand inside his pocket, taking out a small remote controller. He pointed it directly towards the stereo and began to play some soft piano music. Marinette thought the tune was simply beautiful. Adrien took his arm and wrapped it around Marinette's waist. He took his left hand and gently grabbed her right. He began to sway back and forth ever so slowly.

"What song is this? It's so pretty." Marinette asked softly.

"I think it's called In the Rain. I heard it online and just had to buy it." Adrien replied as he guided her through their slow dance. He suddenly took her and twirled Marinette under his arm as she followed Adrien's lead. He then pulled her back in his arms. They stopped for a moment.

"Okay...I was wrong. Now your Cat Noir side is showing." Marinette said, surprised. She had no idea he could be so smooth.

"Told you." Adrien replied with a wink. They began to swing once again, listening to the sound of piano keys and violin strings coming from the stereo. They grew silent for a little bit, feeling the warmth of each other against their skin. Their eyes were locked, not daring to look away. As the dance continued, Marinette pondered.

"So I was wondering…" Marinette hesitated to ask. "When...did you first have feelings for me? You had feelings for Ladybug ever since I first saw you as Cat Noir so that's why I'm curious."

"Well...remember that one day at school when it was raining pretty hard? It was the day I gave you that umbrella.I was telling you that I didn't put that chewing gum on your seat." Adrien replied.

"That's funny. I started having feelings for you for that same day! That's kind of ironic if you ask me." Marinette told him. Adrien gasped.

"Seriously." Adrien chuckled.

"So wait, if you had a crush on me that soon, why didn't you say anything?" Marinette asked him. Adrien looked down.

"Well, I had a crush on Ladybug too so it made things complicated, not to mention that whenever I talked to you, you sort of acted afraid of me or something. It made me think you didn't like me or something." Marinette became bug-eyed.

"Oh, no, no! That was just me being nervous. I kind of...get at a loss for words sometimes." Marinette explained.

"So when you said 'hot are you' instead of 'how are you' the other day, that was you being-" Adrien asked.

"Mmhmm." Marinette nodded.

"Ooooohhhhh." Adrien let out, coming to a sudden realization. "Anyway, don't get me wrong, I like you just as much as I liked...well...actually like Ladybug, now that I know you're her. I just focused all of my attention on Ladybug because I thought that you weren't interested." Adrien explained as he shrugged his shoulders. Marinette understood why he thought that. She would try to act calm and collected but instead came out acting like a total head case.

"Trust me, all this time I've been interested. Just ask Alya. She can back me up here." Marinette told him.

"I'll take your word for it." Adrien replied. "But anyway, sorry I didn't say anything earlier on."

"It's okay. I actually am sort of glad it didn't happen any sooner. We got to know each other better because of it." Marinette responded. Adrien smiled.

"True." Adrien agreed with her. They continued to sway side to side as the music kept on playing. They grew silent once again. They didn't want this dance to end. The atmosphere made this night much more enchanting, like they were living a fairytale. The weather was perfect, the set-up was perfect; everything was just...perfect. Nothing could ruin it. There were no akumas to worry about, no pressure, and no secrets to be kept any longer. They turned their attention to the moon, staring at its white glow. It cascaded down on them as if a glistening spotlight was pointed right at them.

"Wow." Marinette breathed in awe. "Just look at that moon. It's simply magical. I can't think of anything in the world more beautiful than that." Adrien hesitated to speak, although he knew that he had nothing to be afraid of. He decided to come right out and say it.

"I can think of something…"

Marinette slowly turned her head to face Adrien's.

"...or someone."

They both froze, peering deep into each other's eyes as if they were looking into one another's souls. Nothing could distract them. The world around them turned invisible. It was only the two of them. They could feel their every breath press up against each other. Adrien took the wheel, raising his hand to caress Marinette's cheek. Marinette immersed herself in the soft touch of Adrien's skin brushing against her face.

She took her hands and placed them comfortably on Adrien's chest. She could feel Adrien's heartbeat; it was fast. Then again, so was hers. Their eyes were still locked, turning away all distractions. They both looked down at each other's lips, gradually moving in closer and closer with each second going by. Their eyes gently began to close. Marinette could feel Adrien's hand guide her head towards his until…

Their lips touched.

They became entranced by the feeling of their lips brushing against one another. Their minds became lost in the kiss. Marinette grasped his neck every so gently, pulling him deeper into the kiss. Adrien took his free hand and clutched her other cheek. They had never felt anything so satisfying. A minute went by until their mouths parted. They pulled back slightly; their eyes still closed. They were mesmerized by the thoughts and feeling that had rushed through their heads. Their foreheads settled against one another. They both simultaneously let out a light sigh before opening their eyes slowly

"Wow…" They both said. Marinette and Adrien giggled. They looked into each other's eyes again before pulling one another in for another kiss; this one lasting longer. Adrien took his hands and guided them down Marinette's back as Marinette took her hands and cupped his face in them. There was no holding back this time. The kiss felt much more intense, making both Marinette's and Adrien's emotions run wild. Adrien suddenly felt something crinkle in Marinette's inner-jacket pocket. He slightly pulled away again. Marinette wondered if everything was alright.

"Adrien?" Marinette called to him.

"Sorry, I felt something in your pocket." Adrien told her. Marinette took her hands away from his face to reach inside her jacket pocket. She felt a piece of paper, realizing that she forgot that she had something important to do.

"Adrien? Do you have a pen on you?"

It was 9 PM in the city of Paris. A 9-year-old girl sat in the living room by a window in a little house. She was sitting in a wheelchair, covered in a green and pink quilt. On the right handle of the wheelchair hung a backpack. In it were sketch pads and colored pencils. To her left, an I.V. fluid bag hung by a hook on a metal stand. The little girl peeked out, taking in the moon's light and magnificence. Her father walked in, seeing her stare outside. He walked towards her, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"You ready for bed honey?" He asked her.

"Can I have an eclair before I go to sleep?" She asked her father.

"Sure, let me get it for you, okay?" He said to her before heading to the kitchen. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the front door. The little girl turned her head.

"Who could that be?" She asked herself. She took the wheelchair's breaks off and rolled it through the entryway and towards the door. She grabbed the brass doorknob, turned it, and opened the door slowly, revealing who was on the other side.

"Hi, Madeleine." Ladybug and Cat Noir were standing by the door. Cat Noir held the drawing of the two of them in his hand. Both of their signatures were written on it, nice and neat. Ladybug held the note bearing the address Timothe gave her. Madeleine couldn't believe her eyes. She couldn't help but cry tears of pure joy. She held out her arms for a hug. Ladybug and Cat Noir dropped to their knees, embracing her with all the love they could give. Timothe came out from the kitchen, seeing his daughter cradled by the two people that have helped her battle through her sickness and her doubts. He started tearing up too.

"Thank you Ladybug and Cat Nor...thank you." Madeleine told them. The door slowly closed as the moonlight kept shining and the stars shimmered brightly. For once in Marinette's and Adrien's life, everything was just as it should be...



Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my story from beginning to end! I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please share this with your fellow Ladybug friends for them to enjoy too! Hugs!

P.S. There miiiiiiiiiiiight be a sequel story coming soon ;) GET READY :D

Miraculous Ladybug: Time for the Truth- Chapter 10
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*Takes place after the episode "Troublemaker"* The day had finally come for Marinette to be taken by Adrien to one of his photoshoots. Little did she know that Adrien had a few surprises waiting for her there, as well as a few secrets to share. However, things don't go exactly the way he had planned, which gave Hawkmoth the opportunity to unleash his evil. Will Marinette and Adrien make it out alive? Will everything be okay in the end?


Chapter 9: Recovery

Marinette had to spend two nights in the hospital so the doctors could fully assess her. She didn't suffer any major injuries which she couldn't have been more thankful for. She was glad to hear that she didn't have to spend too long recovering in the hospital. She wanted to get back on her feet and see the world she risked her life to save. Marinette did feel bad that Adrien had to live with the memory of almost destroying the city and its people. All that Marinette wanted to do was be there for him in every instance. The guilt of running away from him was still killing her inside, even though Adrien seemed joyous to see her after the akuma left. She hoped that he would be able to forgive her.

Marinette's friends and family visited her often. Her parents stayed with her for most of the two days. They ate lunch and dinner with her and then went home to sleep. When they heard what happened, they couldn't believe it. Nonetheless, they were extremely proud of her and what she did, even though it scared them half to death. They were thankful that she alive and well. They couldn't bear the thought that they almost lost their daughter.

Alya and Nino came after school to visit her the two days. Alya brought her homework so she wouldn't fall behind. Marinette missed so much due to her absences from her secret duty saving Paris. She didn't want to miss anything. She also brought Marinette her sketchbook and pencils in case she wanted to draw some designs. They didn't hear about her fight with Couverture until after they found out Marinette was in the hospital. Marinette told her almost everything. She had to lie about some things to cover up her secret. When Alya and Nino walked into the hospital, seeing Marinette laying in bed, they rushed over to her side.

"Girl, I can't believe you pulled a stunt like that! You could have seriously gotten yourself killed, you know." Alya said to her.

"Hey, I had to do what was right to save everyone including Adrien. I couldn't just-" Marinette began to say until Alya leaned in and pulled her in for a gentle hug, keeping in mind that Marinette was injured slightly. Marinette gasped in surprise.

"You are amazing, girl. You better know that by now." Alya told her as she was almost to the point of tears. She was so happy that her best friend survived after being hit so many times. It was a miracle in her eyes. Marinette smiled and hugged her back.

"I do now." Marinette replied. Alya let go and picked up her backpack that was sitting next to her feet. She opened it and dug inside it, taking out a notepad, a pen, and her cell phone. Alya handed the phone to Nino as she kept her face towards Marinette, smirking.

"You know what to do." Alya told him.

"Yeah, I know." Nino replied as he rolled his eyes in amusement. He took the cell phone and brought the camera up, beginning to record a video.

"Now, Marinette…" She said as pulled up a chair nearby and sat in it. She clicked her pen and put the notepad on her lap. "Tell me your thoughts and feelings when you were hit with Couverture's power. How did it feel?" She asked her. Marinette laughed. She knew it was for the LadyBlog. After a bit of time passed, they got all the information they needed, hugged her, and left.

Adrien never left her side once, except for bathroom breaks and getting her food if she ever needed it. He stayed with her every single minute she was in the hospital. There were visiting hours but since Marinette is the one who saved the whole city, the hospital staff decided to make an exception. He was able to sleep on a sofa near a window in Marinette's room. He made sure to call his father and make sure he was alright with sleeping over. He was shocked to hear that he was okay with it. He was actually grateful to hear it. With everything that happened, he didn't want Marinette being alone, considering the fact that he felt most responsible for it all. He had so much guilt inside that he thought being with her was the best way of making the pain go away.

Natalie was nice enough to bring over a change of clothes for him as well as a set of pajamas. She also brought Adrien his tablet so he can practice his Chinese. Marinette wanted to learn so he taught her a few basic words and phrases. He recalled how she wasn't entirely fluent with the language with her uncle, Cheng Shifu. Adrien thought it might be a benefit to her. Marinette drew designs in her sketchbook, using Adrien as a model. Adrien was nice enough to pose for her. Marinette had to keep herself from swooning, even though Adrien liked seeing it. She found him so dreamy, it was hard not to. Adrien decided to bring some of Marinette's designs to her dad once she was released from the hospital.

Day two had hit and the morning that Marinette would be released from the hospital was approaching. It was around 7 PM. Marinette woke up from a nap that she accidentally made too long. As she lied there, she saw Adrien sitting to the right of the bed, resting near the foot of it, leaning his head on her right leg. He was wearing silky, black, long-sleeved pajamas. Marinette thought wearing silky ones must be the model in him. The fact that they were black made the Cat Noir in him show a bit more. She couldn't help but smile. She gazed at his blonde hair and peachy skin. He was snoring slightly, which she found to be kind of adorable. She suddenly realized that her throat was pretty dry. She tried to wake him up, even though she wanted to keep staring at that beautiful face of his.

"Adrien?" Marinette called his name softly, trying not to startle him. He proceeded to snort, turning his head as he continued to sleep. Marinette shook her head, chuckling slightly. "Hey, Adrien?" She lifted her leg up a bit, making his head shake. He shot up with a loud snort.

"HUH WHAT!" Adrien exclaimed. Marinette couldn't hold back the laughter. He turned his head, seeing her giggle at him. He laughed with her, realizing he snorted.

"Sorry, I was out like a light." He said as he moved closer to her. "You okay?" He said as he gazed at her.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just needed a drink of water." She said as she pointed to the sink. Adrien turned his head, looking at where she was pointing to.

"Oh, sure thing." He said as he got up and walked near the sink, grabbing a paper cup that was sitting next to it. He turned on the faucet, filling the cup with water. As Adrien stood by the sink, Marinette began pondering over a few things in her head. With everything that's happened the past few days, she had so many questions she didn't have answers to. Marinette began to speak.

"You know...there's something that's been on my mind since yesterday." Adrien slightly turned his head.

"What's that?" Adrien asked her.

"When you...I mean...the akumatized you...hit me with your power. I was hurt, but not affected in any way like everyone else was." Marinette stopped to think. "I just can't help but wonder how that was possible." Marinette told him. Adrien walked over to her with the drink in his hand, handing it to her. She took it in her hands and started drinking the water as Adrien began to speak.

" was me." Adrien responded. Marinette swallowed her water, confused.

"I don't understand." Marinette told him. Adrien thought of a way to explain what happened exactly.

"Well…" He said, grabbing the chair near the foot of Marinette's bed and pulling it close to him. He sat down in it. "You know how I was able to overcome the negative side of me at some points? Well, I tried doing the same thing with the powers." Adrien said, looking down at his feet. "I couldn't bare seeing you suffer like everyone else was." Marinette sighed. The fact that Adrien cared that much for her was something to admire.

"So I'm not the only reason Paris is safe and you're back to normal. If I was hit entirely, you know, mind and all, we wouldn't be where we are right now. We're both the reason." Marinette told him.

"Well...we are a team after all." He said to her. Marinette remembered all the times she and him as Cat Noir said that to each other. Now they were a team, regardless if they were in their superhero personas or not. "But hey, you more than me. I would never have been as bold as to go out without my powers and risk everything. That was a gutsy move." Adrien said to her. Marinette shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh, I was the least I could do." Marinette replied. Adrien rolled his eyes in amusement. The least she could do? Adrien couldn't believe his ears. No one could ever do more than that. He started speaking again.

"So anyway, I was thinking…" Marinette blinked.

"Thinking what exactly?" Marinette asked him. Adrien's legs started bouncing up and down, as if he was nervous to say what he wanted to say.

"Well, our last time spent together didn't go exactly the way we planned." Adrien chuckled.

"Yeah, not really, um...look, I'm sorry. It's kind of my fault. I ran away from you and-" Marinette said, beginning to feel guilty. Adrien didn't understand why she was the one saying sorry. He gently lifted her head up by her chin.

"No, no, no. Marinette. I'm the one who owes an apology here." Adrien responded.

"Wait, what? Why?" Marinette asked him. He took her right hand in his and took a deep breath.

"Well, when I told you my secret…" Adrien said.

"Wait, which secret are we talking about? You having a crush on me or the other one?" Marinette asked him. Adrien cleared his throat and shifted his eyes to the silver ring on his finger. "The other one...right."

"Yeah. Anyway, I shouldn't' have sprung it up on you the way I did. You already discovered so much about me that I overwhelmed you." Adrien sighed. "I shouldn't have done that to you." Marinette felt Adrien's hands shaking. She didn't realize that he felt this way. She felt so bad. She wanted to do nothing but comfort him.

"Adrien, it's okay. You already knew so it was only fair that I knew too." Marinette said.

"So now we both know." Adrien added.

"Yeah." Marinette said, looking down at his hands holding hers. Adrien bit his lips, hesitant to say what was on his mind out of nervousness.

"So...are you okay with it? With me know…" Adrien asked her.

"Of course I'm okay with it." Marinette said to him with a smile. Adrien's eyes lit up.

"Really? Even with all the cat puns and constant flirting, you're still-" Adrien said before Marinette interrupted him.

"Hey, just because you're...him…doesn't mean that you are any different. You are still the person I fell completely head over heels for. Besides…" Marinette began to blush. She couldn't believe what was about to come out of her mouth. "I have to admit, the other you is quite...charming." Marinette giggled.

"Well…" Adrien chuckled as he took her hand and kissed it. "I am 'clawsome' at flirting, after all." Marinette couldn't help but laugh at his cat pun. Hearing that gave Adrien a little more confidence. "Anyway, as I was saying before, I was thinking we could try that whole hang out over again...without my photographer and bodyguard, of course." He said as he let go of her hand and placed his own on his knees.

"Okay. So, where were you thinking?" Marinette asked him. He grinned. She knew from that look on his face that he was hiding something from her.

"You'll know by tomorrow night. Just be ready by 8 PM." Adrien told her. "For now, get some rest. You have a big day tomorrow." He said as he took his hand and brushed some of Marinette's hair aside, stroking her cheek. He took the blanket on top of her and began tucking Marinette in. Marinette playfully raised an eyebrow.

"You know I'm fully capable of covering myself up. My hands work." She giggled.

"I know. I just like taking care of you. It's the least I could do." Adrien said, winking at her. She nodded with a smile and closed her eyes, falling asleep. Adrien leaned forward and kissed her forehead. She happily let out a sigh, feeling the pleasurable warmth of his lips on her skin. He walked over to the sofa and lied down on it. He took a blanket that was on top of the back of the sofa and laid it over top of him. He leaned his head on the right armrest and closed his eyes, falling asleep.

Marinette was out of the hospital the next morning. She was pretty much back to normal, still bearing a few cuts and scrapes. Other than that, she was able to walk around and do the things she does every day. She wondered how she would be able to fight as Ladybug if she broke any bones. She was just very glad both she and Adrien didn't get badly injured in the battle. She hoped that something like that would never happen; period.

It was 7:50 PM; almost time for Adrien to take Marinette to who-knows-where. Marinette was laying on her bed, writing in her journal. She was all ready to go out, wearing her normal everyday clothes. She felt no need to get gussied up unless Adrien had told her to. Her pen flew right through the pages as she wrote down everything that happened to her in the past few days

...I had no idea if I was going to get out of this unscathed. Couverture could have won for sure if Adrien wasn't combating that akuma. One minute, I was being hit by Couverture's powers and then, after gaining consciousness back, I see Adrien holding me in his arms. Oh...Adrien. The love of my life. We're finally together! I can't believe it I'm actually glad those cameramen pointed the cameras towards the pictures I have of Adrien. Now all my dreams have come true. He stayed by my side during my time in the hospital and now he's taking don't know where exactly. In a way, this is kind of like our first date so I would think it's somewhere nice. To be honest, I don't mind if it's by a ton of dumpsters!...okay wait maybe I do in that case. The point is that as long as Adrien is with me, I will be happy no matter what. Now that I also know he's Cat Noir, he means even more to me. He's my partner, friend, and now boyfriend!...I guess...we haven't really called each other boyfriend and girlfriend yet. But we only just revealed our feelings for each other so who knows. Maybe we're going to make it official tonight! I hope so! It's just so crazy that-

Marinette's writing was interrupted when she suddenly heard a knock on the window below her bed. She put her pen down across her notebook and moved near the edge of her bed. She leaned down to look over at the window, seeing Cat Noir standing outside, waving with his cheeky grin.

"Cat Noir!" Marinette said as she lost grip of her bed, falling off of the bed and to the ground. She let out a small yelp. "Ow!" Cat Noir gasped.

"ARE YOU OKAY!?" Cat Noir yelled, thinking that she probably couldn't hear him so well while he was on the other side of the window. Marinette held her palm up to him.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" Marinette said with a thumbs up before starting to get up. Once she was back on her feet, she walked over to the window and opened it. Cat Noir walked inside. "So Cat Noir...I mean Adrien...I mean...seriously what am I supposed to call you now?"

"I don't know...whatever you want, I guess." Cat Noir chucked. Marinette could see the similarities between Adrien and Cat Noir much clearer now. She wondered how she could have been so blind.

"So...why are you…" Marinette asked him, pointing at his Cat Noir costume. He rubbed the back of his neck.

"Oh, this. I find using my baton a faster way of travel. Less stress on my feet, you know?" Cat Noir said as she shrugged.

"I feel the same way about my yo-yo! Hey, remember that bet Alix and Kim made that caused Alix to turn into Timebreaker?" Marinette asked him.

"Yeah." Cat Noir responded.

"Remember how I told Alya I was five minutes away?"

"Yea-...oh wait you used your yo-yo didn't you?" Cat Noir asked her. Marinette nodded with a smile. "So when you said you were five minutes away…"

"Make it more like twenty minutes." Marinette chuckled. She took her phone out of her pocket to reveal that it was exactly 8 PM. "So, what's this big surprise?"

"Oh yeah, sorry." Cat Noir said as he realized he still had his costume on. "Hold on, gotta de-transform really quick." He told her. Marinette proceeded to step back. "Plagg, claws in!" Cat Noir said aloud. A wave of bright yellow-green light traveled from his feet to the top of his head, transforming him back into Adrien Agreste. He was also wearing his normal, everyday clothes. Plagg suddenly appeared next to him, tired and worn out. Marinette stared at Adrien in awe. His transformations were very different from hers.

"Woah." Marinette said. Adrien smiled at her.

"You're telling me! You know how much energy I need for that?" Plagg said.

"Well, nice to see you too, Plagg." Marinette playfully said to him.

"I'll get you some camembert later, okay? Adrien said to him. He shifted his gaze to Marinette, shaking his head in amusement. Tikki suddenly popped out from inside Marinette's purse laying across her shoulder.

"It does take a lot of energy, you know." Tikki added. She flew up between Marinette and Adrien. Adrien gasped, seeing Marinette's kwami for the very first time.

"'re Marinette's kwami, huh?" Adrien asked Tikki. She nodded.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Adrien." Tikki replied as she pretended to curtsy. Adrien bowed in response.

"Please, the pleasure's all mine!" Adrien told her. Tikki giggled. Marinette watched as they got acquainted. The sight of Adrien talking to Tikki was the last thing she would have guessed to see in her lifetime. She revealed a smile. Tikki turned her head towards Marinette.

"Such a gentleman!" Tikki said to her.

"Why thank you!" Adrien replied, turning his head to Marinette. "No wonder she's your kwami. She's just as sweet as you." He said with a wink. Tikki grew a smile.

"Wow...he's good." She said as she nudged Marinette's arm. Marinette and Adrien stood there, gazing into each other's eyes for a brief moment. Tikki took that as a cue to leave. She was so happy Marinette's dream of being with Adrien was finally coming true. She didn't want to ruin it in any way. "We'll give you two some space. Come on, Plagg." Tikki took Plagg's hand and pulled him inside of Marinette's purse.

"But I wanna watch!" Plagg said desperately before being pushed inside the purse by Tikki. Marinette and Adrien broke eye contact and watched as Plagg was attempting to get out of Tikki's grip. Adrien turned his gaze back to Marinette.

"Now, I really need to see one of your transformations sometime." Adrien said, pointing at her.

"It's a deal." Marinette giggled. "Now, the surprise?"

"Oh, right. But first…" Adrien took his hand in his pocket, pulling out a black blindfold. Marinette raised an eyebrow.

"Huh?" Marinette uttered.

"Hey, I don't want you to find out along the way where we're going. Trust me, it's gonna be worth it." Adrien responded to her. Once she understood, Marinette nodded. She took the blindfold in her hands and put it on her eyes. "Alright, can you see anything?"

"No, I don't see anything." Marinette responded. Adrien waved his hands in front of her face, making sure that she could see a thing. Once he saw that she didn't flinch, he guessed that the blindfold was working. Marinette's excitement grew. Having the blindfold on made everything even more mysterious and exhilarating. She started thinking that Adrien must have planned something big for her. Adrien took Marinette's hands in his.

"Okay, now start stepping forward." Adrien told her. Marinette took her feet and shuffled them forward. She stumbled a bit and lost her balance, falling into Adrien. She took in the scent of cologne on his short, making her not want to get back on her feet as he held her. "Careful!" He chuckled.

"Sorry. I'm Clumsy Girl, remember?" Marinette giggled. Adrien recalled her calling herself that when they first met as Ladybug and Cat Noir.

I bet you're the partner my kwami told me about. I'm...Cat Noir. Yeah, Cat Noir. And you?

I'm Ma… err… Mar… uhh… Her yo-yo hit him in the head.


Madly Clumsy. I'm so clumsy.

No sweat, clumsy girl. I'm learning the ropes too.

"Well, I'll make sure Clumsy Girl doesn't fall and break her face, okay?" Adrien told her as she got back on her feet. Marinette laughed. Adrien guided her out of her room and down the stairs. She could smell her mom's and dad's baked goods as she carefully walked down the steps. Adrien opened the door leading outside the bakery. Marinette heard the tiny bells overtop the door chime. They walked outside. Marinette heard a few cars go by. She could still slightly smell the bakery. Adrien stopped her once they were outside.

"Okay, we have a bit of walking to do. I'll guide you the whole way." Adrien said as he began to guide her again. Marinette was curious as to how long they were going to walk for.

"So you're not going to tell me how long the walk is going to be?" Marinette asked him. Adrien chuckled a little.

"If I told you that, it might give something away." Adrien told her. Marinette sighed.

"Come on! Not even a hint?" Marinette asked with a puppy dog pout. Adrien shook his head in amusement.

"Nope." He said with a cheeky 'Cat Noir-ish' grin. Marinette playfully groaned, making Adrien laugh. "Hey, you'll know soon enough." Adrien told her and he continued guiding her along.

About 15 minutes went by. Adrien was still guiding Marinette along. Marinette could hear the sounds of people walking by and cars driving along the street. She could smell the scents of local restaurants and retail stores as she walked along the path, using them to guess where Adrien was taking her. She paid close attention to the ground she was walking on, thinking it might give her somewhat of a clue to where she was. She couldn't quite place her finger on it though. Adrien suddenly stopped her.

"Okay, stay right there." Adrien told her.

"Oh, okay." Marinette agreed easily. She heard a soft ding followed by the swish of what she thought might be doors. She felt Adrien take her hands again.

"Now, walk this way. Careful! Slowly." He told her. She shuffled forward only a few steps before stopping her again. Suddenly, the ground started shaking. Marinette felt as if she were moving, even as they stood still. She wondered if maybe they were in an elevator. There was another ding followed by the floor jolting, causing Marinette to lose her balance slightly. One more ding and then the same swish as before. Adrien shuffled beside her and then gently took her by the arms to guide her.

"Come on!" She felt a breeze as she stepped forward, following Adrien's instruction. She felt a slight breeze against her skin; something she didn't feel when she left her house. A scent of baked goods hit her nose, resembling her parent's bakery. The echoes of cars and laughter drifted by but sounded distant. They only walked about three feet before she was halted once more.

"Okay...take off the blindfold." Adrien told her.

Miraculous Ladybug: Time for the Truth- Chapter 9
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Click here for Chapter 1!

*Takes place after the episode "Troublemaker"* The day had finally come for Marinette to be taken by Adrien to one of his photoshoots. Little did she know that Adrien had a few surprises waiting for her there, as well as a few secrets to share. However, things don't go exactly the way he had planned, which gave Hawkmoth the opportunity to unleash his evil. Will Marinette and Adrien make it out alive? Will everything be okay in the end?


Chapter 8: Only Love Can Conquer Hate

A wave of light traveled up from Ladybug's feet to her head, making her costume disappear and turning her back into Marinette. The lucky charm in her hand disappeared from her hand. Marinette looked down at her hand as it vanished. Tikki suddenly appeared in front of Marinette, confused and worn out. Plagg flew over to her and held her as she regained her strength.

"You okay?" Plagg asked Tikki.

"I'm okay. Thanks." Tikki responded. She turned to see Marinette standing there, looking confident. "M...Marinette? What are you...why are you-" Tikki said before being interrupted. Marinette lifted her head.

"Saving Adrien." Marinette said to her. Tikki scratched the top of her head.

"Wait, what? How can you when you're without your powers?" Plagg asked her.

"I was just thinking the same thing. Marinette, you're not making any sense!" Tikki added.

"Look, I know you weren't there Tikki, but at one moment, Adrien was able to overcome

the akuma controlling him. He's still in there and I think I can give Adrien the strength to defeat Hawkmoth's dark power completely. I think I can bring Adrien back." Marinette explained.

"Wow! Not many people can fight off an akuma's dark power. This is rare." Tikki said.

"Exactly. I feel that I can use this to my advantage." Marinette replied.

"So was finding out where the akuma was completely pointless then?" Plagg asked her.

"I don't know...but I think I might be able to drive it out of Adrien in a way other than breaking the object it is hiding in." Marinette replied. Tikki sighed.

"Marinette?" Tikki flew closer to Marinette. "You do realize that if this doesn't work you're done for? Once he hits you with his power, there's no way back from it." Tikki explained to her. Marinette thought to herself for a second. She took a breath in and walked towards the door, and sighed. She tried to relax. She realized that what she was attempting to do could risk her own life. Fear coursed through her. She clenched her hands in a fist, attempting to gain the little bit of confidence that was left in her.

"...I know. I have to try though. I'm the one who created this mess so...I have to do everything in my power to make all of it right." Marinette shifted her gaze to the left of her. "It's the right thing to do." She turned her body slightly to face Tikki and Plagg. "You two stay here. I...don't want anything to happen to either of you incase I…" Marinette bit her lip. " know." Tikki and Plagg frowned, realizing that if Marinette didn't come back from this, they would lose a dear friend and one of the greatest and bravest Ladybugs that they have ever seen.

Marinette turned back to face the door. She took another deep breath. She began to reach towards the door knob. She hesitated for a moment. Regaining that bravery she so desperately needed, she grabbed the door knob and turned it, opening the door and walking out into the carnage that has become of her city. She looked around, seeing destruction all around her. Cars were lit on fire and smoke filled the air, making her eyes burn. She looked up, seeing an orange tinted sky. Parisian citizens were running all around, like wild animals. She could hear nothing but the sounds of screams and cries. She didn't see Couverture around anywhere. She began to walk around, searching for any sights our sounds of him. Suddenly, she heard some crashing to the right of her. She turned her body towards the sound and started running towards it, passing the infected as she ran. As she ran around, flashbacks came to her mind of what has been said to her over the past few hours.

Whenever there's a problem, you're always able to fix it…

You're the only person that keeps Adrien going…

You have been Adrien's way of escape; a free pass to being himself…

Adrien really does love you…enough so to forgive you no matter the circumstances…

If there were any time we need you, it's now!

Marinette grew determined. She ran faster towards the sound of crashing. She started running short on breath. Sweat beads went down her forehead. Marinette wiped them off of her forehead as her eyes were focused in front of her. She stopped suddenly, reaching an intersection. She focused on the sounds around her, listening for any sudden noise hinting at Couverture's position. She closed her eyes and concentrated. She suddenly heard laughing from behind her. She quickly turned seeing Couverture in midair behind her. His arm reached towards Marinette, ready to strike her.

"Of course. I hit about everyone in the city with my power. Who is my last victim? You." He said before attempting to zap her. She gasped before swiftly jumping to her left, avoiding the blast. She looked up at him.

"Adrien, I know you're in there and I know you can hear me." Marinette said. Couverture rolled his eyes. Hawkmoth stood and watched, confused.

"Where's Ladybug? Where did she go?! Where are Ladybug and Cat Noir?!" Hawkmoth said as his left hand clenched into a fist. Couverture gazed at his hand, charging it up again for the next blow.

"Ugh, this again. This is getting...o-old." Couverture said, beginning to struggle. Adrien began to fight off the akuma once again. Marinette's hope began to rise as she watched Couverture hold his head as if he had a headache. She realized what she was doing was working. She kept talking.

"Channel those positive thoughts. I know you can." Marinette said to him as she stood there. Couverture grunted and groaned, continuing to fight of the positivity wanting to take over.

"Stop it!" Couverture yelled as he began to make fists with his hands. His breathing became heavy. His eye color began shifting back and forth from red and black to Adrien's normal eye color. Marinette face filled with determination. She spoke even louder.

"I know I hurt you, Adrien! I should never have run away! You might hate me now but...I want to make everything right again!" Marinette told him. Couverture's face winced.

"Shut up! Your words mean absolutely nothing!" Couverture exclaimed.

"Fight it, Adrien! Fight it!" Marinette yelled. Couverture kept on grunting. Hawkmoth noticed his suffering. He decided to give Couverture some encouragement.

"Don't let her take away what's rightfully yours. You deserve the powers you have been granted. Give into those negative emotions in your heart. Let the hate flow within you!" Hawkmoth told him. Couverture gained a bit of strength from Hawkmoth's advice, letting out a loud scream. The negativity began flowing in his veins once again. He released his hands from his head, charging them up with as much power as they could take. He decided this time, he wouldn't hold anything back.

"Enough!" He exclaimed, reaching his hands out towards Marinette once again. She screamed, shielding her eyes from the sights of what was about to destroy her. The charge hit her, creating an explosion from where she was standing. Couverture lowered his arms, panting from using so much energy. He watched as the smoke rise, waiting to see what was left of Marinette. He began to squint, trying to see past it. Suddenly, he witnessed the impossible.

Marinette was still there…

...and still alive...

She was covered in cuts and bruises. She was extremely weak but was able to get on a knee to keep herself up. Her breaths sounded like wheezing. Her vision was blurry due to the lack of strength. She wondered how in the world she was still alive. She looked around, realizing she was still breathing and upright. She was still able to see everyone around her.

"Wha….how am I…." Marinette wondered. This was impossible. No one could survive a blast that powerful. She pondered the possibilities. am I still alive? How am I not affected? Couverture watched as she kneeled there. He did a double take. He couldn't believe what he was looking at. He became extremely confused.

"How? How is thi-...this...this shouldn't be happening!" Couverture exclaimed. Hawkmoth was confused as well. He growled, angry at the fact that this normal, everyday girl was still standing.

"This doesn't make any sense. She should be losing her mind right now!" Hawkmoth yelled. This was a mystery to him. He wanted this problem to be fixed once and for all. "Don't let this stop you Couverture! Finish her!" Hawkmoth exclaimed. Couverture let out a loud scream. He whipped his arms up above him, charging them up once again. He hit Marinette again. The blast wasn't as strong as the first one. He believed it to be enough to affect her mind. Marinette was still unaffected. She panted, keeping herself up on a knee.

Tikki and Plagg managed to sneak out of the building they were once in and fly closer to the battle between Marinette and Couverture. They watched as she continued getting hit by Couverture's dark power. They were confused as well. They began trying to figure out what could be going on here.

"How is she doing that? Shouldn't she be losing her mind right about now?" Plagg asked Tikki. Tikki carefully observed the situation. She began to ponder all of the possibilities. Suddenly, she came to a possible explanation.

"Wait a minute…" Tikki said.

"What? What?!" Plagg exclaimed, flailing his arms around in a panic.

"It's Adrien! He's controlling Couverture's power!" Tikki told him. Plagg stared at her blankly. He needed more clarification.

"O...kay, when you want to start making sense, let me know." Plagg replied. Tikki shook her head in amusement.

"Adrien's able to combat the dark power the akuma is putting on him. If I'm correct, if he's able to do that, he can mess with Couverture's powers too! Not to sound cheesy…" Plagg suddenly got excited. Tikki facepalmed. "No, Plagg, don't take that too literally. I don't have any camembert." Plagg sighed with disappointment. "Anyway, I think Marinette's love for him is giving Adrien strength, making him strong enough so that his powers don't have any effect on her!" Tikki explained to him.

Couverture continued using his power on her, even though it did absolutely nothing. He grew tired and weak from hitting her so many times. Marinette became weaker and weaker with every hit he threw at her. She dropped on her hands and knees. She winced as pain shot up from her legs. Even though the hits didn't affect her mind, they had a lot of force to them, pressing her down with every blow.

"Why….Ahhh!" Couverture yelped in pain from the fighting force of Adrien. "Why aren't my powers working!?"Couverture exclaimed, about to completely lose his mind. He was extremely frustrated. Adrien continued to fight him. Couverture desperately wanted to give Marinette what his negative side thought she deserved. Marinette tried gaining the strength to speak again.

"I'm sorry, Adrien." A tear began to fall down her cheek. Marinette felt she could drop any minute. She never felt so weak. She was starting to lose the will to go on. "F...forgive me…please" She almost dropped to the ground completely but caught herself just enough. " you." She softly said before collapsing. She fell, unconscious, covered in wounds. Plagg and Tikki gasped.

"MARINETTE! NO!" Tikki exclaimed. Her eyes grew wide, witnessing the possible destruction of someone she was close to. She frantically tried to fly over to her before Plagg grabbed her arm.

"Tikki, no!" Plagg told her, trying to hold her back. "There's nothing we can do!" He said to her, reminding Tikki that their existence had to remain a secret. Couverture began to laugh maniacally, finally defeating the one person who created the pain in his heart. Hawkmoth listened to Marinette's final words. He became speechless.

"She still...loves him?" Hawkmoth asked himself, baffled. After everything that happened at Varengeville-sur-Mer; all of the yelling and the crying and running away. After all of that, her love for him hasn't gone away. He didn't understand. He couldn't.

Suddenly, Couverture felt a pain in his body. He held his head once again and began wincing. Adrien began to fight again. "No! Ah! No! Stop!" Couverture screamed. He wanted the pain to end. Hawkmoth watched as Couverture began to weaken. He noticed that Adrien was overcoming the negativity that the akuma was giving off.

"Does Adrien love this girl that much?" Hawkmoth asked himself. His anger turned into sadness. He started to reminisce back to his own life. He remembered what love felt like; how wonderful it made his life and how he wouldn't have traded it for anything. He wished he could do anything to have that love back in his life again. He began to feel empathy for his son. He wanted to fix everything. He couldn't bear seeing his son suffer. He realized he made a big mistake. He took a deep breath and said four words he never thought he would say.

"Akuma...return to me."

The akuma flew out from the photo of Marinette. The darkness disappeared from it. Couverture suddenly let out a loud cry, slowly descending. Couverture touched down to the ground gently. A wave of black suddenly covered him. It disappeared, slowly starting from his feet to his head. Adrien was back, wearing the suit that he had on for the photoshoot at Varengeville-sur-Mer. He panted, slowly gaining strength back in him. The people around him started to glow a bright yellow. The light escaped from them, returning them back to normal. The same yellow light flowed all over the city, fixing all of the destruction that was done to the city, turning everything back to normal. Cars were back upright and street lights lit up the streets once again. The Parisians cheered, realizing that everything was back to the way it was. Many of them ran to their loved ones, grabbing them into a tender embrace.

Adrien lifted his head and looked around. He smiled, glad to know that all the damage was fixed. The guilt is his heart still lingered, realizing that a few lives could have been taken with what he had done. Suddenly, he realized something.

"Marinette!" He exclaimed. Having all his strength back, he lifted himself upright and looked around, searching for Marinette. He turned his head to his left, seeing Marinette lying on the ground, immobile. "Marinette!" He began to panic. He got up as quickly as he could and ran over to her. He dropped to his knees, scooping her up in his arms. He observed her, noticing her covered in battle scars. "Please wake up. Please!" The guilt in him rose. "Marinette...please." He began to accept the unbearable. He felt tears filling up his eyes. He felt horrible inside to the point of feeling a bit sick. He took his left hand and brushed a piece of her midnight hair aside. He stroked her battered and bruised cheek.

"You didn't deserve didn't deserve any of this." He said to her. He sniffled. He couldn't believe he did this to her. He was so mad at himself. His heart felt heavy. He took his head and rested it against Marinette's. A tear fell down his cheek, landing on hers. He put his left hand back under her and pulled her close. He continued to cry. Adrien started to become unsteady, accepting the reality that Marinette was taken from his life. It wouldn't be the first time someone he loved was taken from his life. Adrien began to have flashbacks.

Father! You're home! Where's...where's Mom?

Son...I have something to tell you.

Father...Where is mom?

I'm...sorry, Son.


The tears came down harder. Adrien wanted all of the pain to go away and all of the horrible things in his life to end. He wanted Marinette back. He wanted his mother back. He wanted everything to be the way it used to be. He wanted happiness back. He wanted love back.

"I can't...lose you too." He said in a shaky voice. He held Marinette even tighter, refusing to accept that she was gone. He wouldn't dare believe it. He couldn't live with himself if he was the one that caused her demise. He wouldn't ever forgive himself. It would be all his fault. Suddenly, one of Marinette's fingers twitched. He gasped. Could it be? He lifted his head, shifting his gaze to her. He felt a breath in her. Her eyes opened very slightly.

Marinette was alive.

Marinette looked at Adrien, who was filled with tears. Adrien was awestruck. He had never been so relieved about anything in his life. His one love was back in his life. Marinette spoke in a weak voice.

"A...Adrien?" Marinette said. Adrien grew a giant smile. He took her into a tight embrace again, forgetting that she was hurt. She yelped. "Ow!" Adrien's eyes grew wide. He suddenly loosened his grip on her.

"I'm so sorry, it's're alive." Adrien said as he took his left hand and began stroking her cheek again. Marinette shared a smile before wincing at the slight pain she felt from Couverture's blasts. Her eyes squinted. A tear fell down her cheek. "Marinette?" Adrien said, wondering why she was beginning to cry.

"Adrien, I'm sorry. I'm really sor-" Marinette began to explain. Adrien placed two fingers on Marinette's lips, stopping her from speaking. He softly shushed her. He gave her a smile.

"It's okay." Adrien said before leaning his forehead on hers, continuing to hold her in a loving embrace. "We're going to be okay." He told her.

Plagg and Tikki quickly snuck around all the Parisians, flying quickly into Marinette's purse. They watched as Adrien held her tight.

"Well, that was a close one. It looks like everything's going to be okay!" Tikki said. Plagg groaned. Tikki turned her head to face him. "Why are you so upset?"

"Why? Why?! I still didn't get my camembert!" Plagg exclaimed.

"Dark wings...fall." Hawkmoth said before de-transforming back into Gabriel Agreste. Gabriel stood there, looking out his butterfly shaped window. He smiled, glad to see that Marinette wasn't a goner. He couldn't be more relieved to know. Nooroo appeared in front of him, slightly weak. He lifted his head to look up at Gabriel.

"I'm sorry you weren't successful, Master." Nooroo said to him, although he was glad Hawkmoth didn't conquer Paris.

"No, Nooroo. I let him go." Gabriel said to him. Nooroo was confused.

"Why would you do that?" Nooroo asked him. It was weird for Hawkmoth to do that. Nooroo couldn't be any happier that he made the decision to take the akuma back though. He only wondered why he would do such a thing.

"This girl loves my son. I would never take love away from him." Gabriel explained as he took the locket off of his shirt collar, holding it in his hands. He opened it, revealing a picture of his wife. Gabriel's lip quivered, remembering the day she went missing. It was one of the saddest days of his life. Losing the one woman he loved changed his life as well as his heart. Gabriel tried holding back the tears. Nooroo noticed his sorrow. He flew up to his hands, holding them gently with his. Gabriel's gaze shifted to him. Nooroo shedded a slight smile.

"You did the right thing, Master." Nooroo reassured him. Gabriel smiled back. Although he was desperate for Ladybug's and Cat Noir's miraculous, it felt right to retreat. His son was happy. There was nothing more he could ask for. Gabriel took the locket in his hand and attached it back to his collar. Gabriel turned around and walked towards the platform so that he could exit his lair. Nooroo followed him. After stepping on the platform, he slightly turned his head.

"Don't expect this to happen often, Ladybug and Cat Noir, wherever you are. You will fail one day and then, I will have absolute power." He said before the platform descended. Nooroo sighed, wishing for Gabriel to turn back to good like he was in the past.

"Here, let me lift you up." Adrien said to Marinette. Marinette nodded. He took Marinette securely in his arms and stood up. She took her arms and wrapped them around his neck for extra support. She felt extremely faint. Her vision was still somewhat blurry. She looked at her arms as they wrapped around Adrien. She noticed all of the scratches and bruises covering them. She found it hard to believe that she was still standing after all the pain she endured from Couverture. Adrien noticed Marinette observing her arms with a worried look on her face.

"You okay?" Adrien asked her. Her gaze shifted to him. Marinette nodded slightly. Adrien understood her fears at the moment. It had to be scary seeing yourself all cut and bruised, almost meeting your demise. He felt lucky. He couldn't be any more grateful that she was still here. Suddenly, Adrien and Marinette heard the sound of sirens in the distance. He squinted, trying to see far away towards the sound. Two police cars and an ambulance drove towards them. The lights were so bright that Adrien had to cover his eyes. Marinette squinted at them. The cars came to a sudden halt. The tires screeched as the stopped. Adrien and Marinette winced at the piercing sound. A male EMT came out of the ambulance. Adrien began calling for them.

"Hey! Over here!" Adrien exclaimed. The EMT turned his head, seeing Adrien holding a wounded Marinette in his arms. The EMT quickly rushed over to Adrien, knowing there was a sense of urgency.

"Is she alright?" The EMT asked Adrien with haste as he began to carefully observe her wounds.

"She's a bit scraped up. Other than that though, I think she's alright." Adrien said as he looked at Marinette. The EMT took a light from in his pocket and shined it in her eyes, checking her pupils in case of a concussion.

"There doesn't seem to be any sign of a concussion. It wouldn't hurt to keep her for observation. Let's get her in the ambulance." The EMT said to Adrien, motioning him to bring Marinette over to the ambulance. Adrien followed him. When they reached the car, the EMT opened the doors. Inside laid a bed.

"Let's put her over here." The EMT told Adrien. Adrien stepped into the ambulance and placed Marinette gently on the bed. The EMT placed an oxygen mask on her as well as a pulse oximeter to keep an eye on her heartbeat. He closed the doors to the ambulance before the ambulance started moving. Adrien stood next to her, trying best to keep his balance from the moving vehicle. He took Marinette's hand in his.

"You're going to be okay, Marinette." He told her with a smile. Marinette smiled back.

Miraculous Ladybug: Time for the Truth- Chapter 8
Click here for Chapter 9!

Click here for Chapter 1!

*Takes place after the episode "Troublemaker"* The day had finally come for Marinette to be taken by Adrien to one of his photoshoots. Little did she know that Adrien had a few surprises waiting for her there, as well as a few secrets to share. However, things don't go exactly the way he had planned, which gave Hawkmoth the opportunity to unleash his evil. Will Marinette and Adrien make it out alive? Will everything be okay in the end?

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Hi guys! 

Thought I would tell you how things are going and the CRAZY spring semester I've had at my university so far!

Things have been busy because of my classes. But they've been fun! Learning a lot including tips on drawing which is always a great thing to learn. Oh, and it's confirmed that I'll have a fine arts degree in a year! Finally! I've been in college since 2013 so it's about time I am going to be done :rofl: Had a feeling that colleges were trying to keep me prisoner for a while (still do kind of). But I'm hanging in there! One more year, more year :happybounce:

Also, crazy day yesterday. I was 8 minutes away from a tornado. When I'm at home in New Jersey, you never see tornadoes. Hurricanes, sure. Snowstorms, oh, most definitely. But tornadoes? They don't normally happen. So that's what I thought would be the case for Virginia, where I am for college. But low and behold, last night, a tornado pops up. There weren't any sirens or anything which...surprised me. This tornado flipped over cars, took out trees, and destroyed the walls of some buildings so I thought, okay, I should have been warned about this. Anyway, I am literally 8 minutes away from where the tornado was occurring and I had absolutely no idea. Here's a little picture just to show how close I was and how I was given no warning about this (took this from a youtube video):

Tornado by KPRS4ever

Hmmm....maybe I should have used a brighter color to write with. But anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, I have never been so close to a tornado before until I get a text from a family member asking if I was okay. So yeah, I almost experienced a tornado for the first time in my life. That was fun :rofl: I am SO THANKFUL I wasn't in the aftermath. Good news too, no one got hurt! That was such a great thing to hear!

So that happened. I've also been watching a TON of new cartoons such as Tangled: The Series and Star Vs. The Forces of Evil. If you haven't seen those, I highly recommend you watch them! They both have the right amount of comedy but also, the right amount of action and adventure. I love them so much! That's why I've made fan-arts from those two shows. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE Kim Possible with every fiber of my being and will NOT stop making fan-arts of them. As an aspiring artist working to get herself a fine arts degree, it's always good to immerse oneself in different styles. See, if I drew nothing but KP for the rest of my life, that is ALL I would be able to draw. That's why I thought it would be a good idea to try out some new cartoon styles!

Also, I have been needing shows to watch while I do schoolwork so I thought I would try some new cartoons too. Now I have to wait for both Tangled: The Series and SVTFOE to come back with a new season now. So if anyone has any new cartoons I would be interested in, tell me in the comments, okay? :happybounce:

Oh and also, did I tell you guys how I'm an aunt now? Well if I didn't, I'll tell you now! My niece was born in December of 2016 and now she's almost 16 months old! Her name's Maisie and she's such a cutie. Funny thing though, everyone's saying she looks like me (hehehehehehehe :rofl:) And apparently now I'm her favorite person now. And I mean even more of a favorite than mommy and daddy are. Apparently, she sees grandma and she's like, "I want grammy I want grammy!" And then she sees me and goes, "I DON'T WANT YOU ANYMORE GRAMMY!!" :rofl: I'm officially known as Aunt Fun but Maisie only calls me aunt for now. I love her to bits!!

Well, that's a little update from me! So sorry for the slow uploads lately. College and all. If you follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram you'll get more updates from me! I share things all the time on those sites! I'm not promoting (well maybe slightly), but seriously though, if you don't follow me on those sites! It's like my fill in for when I don't have art to upload at the moment. You can also see sneak peeks of new art too! I'll post the sites below.

Okay guys, NOW that's it from me! Hope to hear from you all soon! :hug:

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