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Hi there! You obviously have learned A LOT from Stephen! This is great! I love how you show two sides; Good vs. Evil. You have really c...

Hi there! I love this sketch! It really brings out Kim's and Ron's personalities. I could see this being in an episode from the origina...

Hi Drake! Can't believe I never wrote a critique on this!! :D Before I get to critiquing, I must say, thank you SO MUCH for making this ...

From a fellow KP artist, You did a wonderful job on this! :happybounce: First of all, I really like the fact that you used mixed media for this! Th...


Hey guys! Sorry I'm so late on this but thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I've never seen so many of them and I feel truly blessed! I had such a wonderful birthday and I cannot thank you guys enough for being part of it! Love you all! :hug:
Okay guys, Kim Possible drawings are coming next! Stay tuned!! :happybounce:
Coronation Day
I was really tempted one day to draw Star and Marco becoming King and Queen of Mewni so yeah, I drew it! I tried to design some outfits and things, except for Marco's uniform. The sunset and confetti are just an added bonus! Hope you guys like it! :happybounce:
The Moon and the Star
This was going to be a practice sketch but it turned into this :rofl: So I decided to upload it! I think I'm really getting the hang of other cartoon styles. I'm REALLY enjoying practicing this style specifically. But anyways, another Starco fan-art! I love these two so much! This is kind of my way of helping myself out over the torture of waiting for season 4 to arrive haha :rofl: Hope you guys like it!
Star Vs. The Forces of Evil (Kim Possible Style)
So I haven't tried drawing cartoon characters in different cartoon styles so I thought I would try it out with Star and Marco! They remind me so much of Kim and Ron that I had to draw this. I made them so adorable looking though! :rofl: But anyways, hope you guys like it! I am probably going to do this with other shows too. Maybe I'll draw Kim and Ron in SVTFOE style! :happybounce:

College, Tornadoes, Cartoons, and Being an Aunt!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 16, 2018, 8:57 PM

Hi guys! 

Thought I would tell you how things are going and the CRAZY spring semester I've had at my university so far!

Things have been busy because of my classes. But they've been fun! Learning a lot including tips on drawing which is always a great thing to learn. Oh, and it's confirmed that I'll have a fine arts degree in a year! Finally! I've been in college since 2013 so it's about time I am going to be done :rofl: Had a feeling that colleges were trying to keep me prisoner for a while (still do kind of). But I'm hanging in there! One more year, more year :happybounce:

Also, crazy day yesterday. I was 8 minutes away from a tornado. When I'm at home in New Jersey, you never see tornadoes. Hurricanes, sure. Snowstorms, oh, most definitely. But tornadoes? They don't normally happen. So that's what I thought would be the case for Virginia, where I am for college. But low and behold, last night, a tornado pops up. There weren't any sirens or anything which...surprised me. This tornado flipped over cars, took out trees, and destroyed the walls of some buildings so I thought, okay, I should have been warned about this. Anyway, I am literally 8 minutes away from where the tornado was occurring and I had absolutely no idea. Here's a little picture just to show how close I was and how I was given no warning about this (took this from a youtube video):

Tornado by KPRS4ever

Hmmm....maybe I should have used a brighter color to write with. But anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, I have never been so close to a tornado before until I get a text from a family member asking if I was okay. So yeah, I almost experienced a tornado for the first time in my life. That was fun :rofl: I am SO THANKFUL I wasn't in the aftermath. Good news too, no one got hurt! That was such a great thing to hear!

So that happened. I've also been watching a TON of new cartoons such as Tangled: The Series and Star Vs. The Forces of Evil. If you haven't seen those, I highly recommend you watch them! They both have the right amount of comedy but also, the right amount of action and adventure. I love them so much! That's why I've made fan-arts from those two shows. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE Kim Possible with every fiber of my being and will NOT stop making fan-arts of them. As an aspiring artist working to get herself a fine arts degree, it's always good to immerse oneself in different styles. See, if I drew nothing but KP for the rest of my life, that is ALL I would be able to draw. That's why I thought it would be a good idea to try out some new cartoon styles!

Also, I have been needing shows to watch while I do schoolwork so I thought I would try some new cartoons too. Now I have to wait for both Tangled: The Series and SVTFOE to come back with a new season now. So if anyone has any new cartoons I would be interested in, tell me in the comments, okay? :happybounce:

Oh and also, did I tell you guys how I'm an aunt now? Well if I didn't, I'll tell you now! My niece was born in December of 2016 and now she's almost 16 months old! Her name's Maisie and she's such a cutie. Funny thing though, everyone's saying she looks like me (hehehehehehehe :rofl:) And apparently now I'm her favorite person now. And I mean even more of a favorite than mommy and daddy are. Apparently, she sees grandma and she's like, "I want grammy I want grammy!" And then she sees me and goes, "I DON'T WANT YOU ANYMORE GRAMMY!!" :rofl: I'm officially known as Aunt Fun but Maisie only calls me aunt for now. I love her to bits!!

Well, that's a little update from me! So sorry for the slow uploads lately. College and all. If you follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram you'll get more updates from me! I share things all the time on those sites! I'm not promoting (well maybe slightly), but seriously though, if you don't follow me on those sites! It's like my fill in for when I don't have art to upload at the moment. You can also see sneak peeks of new art too! I'll post the sites below.

Okay guys, NOW that's it from me! Hope to hear from you all soon! :hug:

YOUTUBE (because why not :rofl:):

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Hi there, I'm Sarah and I am in my fourth year of college as an art major! I have been a fan of Kim Possible ever since the show aired for the first time! It was my childhood, which is why I watch it all the time just to get that feeling I always had during the good old days! I have been drawing KP characters for about 7 years now and have been striving to become better at drawing them every single day! About 3 years ago, I was told by one of my friends that I should check out deviantart! So now, here I am; sharing my KP art with the whole world! :)

Here are some of my other links that you can check out!

Livestream Channel:
Youtube Channel:…
Tumblr Blog:
Fanfiction Page:
Twitter Page:
Instagram Page:

If you haven't yet, sign the Bring Back KP petition. It has more than 500+ signatures so far!…

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