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They had one job to stop it

I've been hearing nonstop about illegal aliens having their kids being taken away because Trump is allowing this. I can totally understand both sides on this part of Trump's zero tolerance policy when it comes to illegal immigration, I get why people are upset. The problem is that it's been going on for more than twenty fucking years, it happened under Obama, under Bush, and under Clinton. They had the chance to stop our government from separating illegal migrants and their kids, and they DID NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And NOW they're outraged!? BECAUSE TRUMP IS ALLOWING THIS HAPPEN STILL. FUCK YOU GLOBALIST AND LEFTIST SHILLS. You're being manipulated by the left wing mainstream press for too many years, it's time for you to take the redpill. Whatever happened to sending the whole family back? Trump had thoughts about that. And I think that’s more humane than separating them outright just for taking their families with them illegally across the border. It would be punishment enough in my opinion. The last thing I would want is to separate families, there should be specific circumstances on where we separate kids from their parents like what we do with our own citizens.………
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There wasn't really a problem until Trump got involved.