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Sorry, but I'm too busy to write in english, I'll just put a "google translation" to serve as a base.

Bom! Chegou a order ( e eu estou empolgado. Com um medo do cacete de ter ficado tudo ruim, com cores bizarras ou fora de centro e, como estou no trabalho, só vou conseguir ver o resultado daqui a 5 horas...

Assim que eu puder, fotografo e já mando uma foto no twitter e amanhã atualizo o jornal aqui com fotos melhores.
Uma merda ainda estar de mudança e a internet ainda não ter sido instalada na casa nova.

Segue fotos:
Print 1 by kpitaokverna Print 2 by kpitaokverna Print 3 by kpitaokverna Print 4 by kpitaokverna

Abraços e até mais.
Felipe Duran

Google translated (Sorry).

Good! The order arrived ( and I'm excited. With an absurd fear of having been all bad, with bizarre color or off-center and, as I am at work, I can only see the result in 5 hours ...

As soon as I can, shoot and send a picture already on twitter and update the journal tomorrow here with better pictures.
Shit is still changing and the Internet has not yet been installed in the new house.

Hugs and see you.
Felipe Duran
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Finally I'm moving out to a bigger and better house. I am really anxious about this and can barely sleep.
All the moving process are giving me headaches, but I know that in the end will worth every penny.

I'm updating and correcting my DeviantPrints, let's try some profit with my photos. ;)

That's what I have for today. Hugs.
Felipe Duran
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Finally I get my "Full-frame" digital camera. I bought the Canon 5D Mark II.
I'm still "mimetizing" with the camera and because of this I am not making pictures "for real".

Another thing to consider is about my photo cabinet. I didn't had much spare time to finish because one friend moved to our house. She is getting divorced and as I have a spare room in my house, we offered help. We promised take care of her, as we are godparents. ;)
Until the house (and the friend) are fully allocated, that DIY project is frozen.

That was a small update. Hoping to have another soon.

Felipe Duran
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At the end of my vacation, I have the brilliant idea to play the "Demon's Souls" game. That is what we can call a killer game. Until get the game mechanics, I started considering to throw my PS3 thru the window, due to how difficult it are.

Bad that my vacation are ending and I just photographed half what I wanted. The weather started to get good here, in Brazil. Specially to take macro photos of insects, due to the beginning of the Spring and with it a little warmer days.

I don't promise, but I will try to make at least one weekly diary. The main focus will be my experiences as a photographer and cook, but can extend to some main facts of my personal life (but my goal is not to be annoying).

Have some good and bad things taking a vacation alone (my fianceé don't have vacation, she is veterinary and works as autonomous). The first bad thing that we can't go to some beautiful place in a planned trip, but the good thing (for me) is that I have spent some money with photo equipment.

Here comes the upgrades that I have planned for so long.
First I bought a Macro Flash. After a long time reading reviews and learning with the tutorials of John Kimbler ( dalantech or I decided to take the Canon MT-24EX. The first setup is a little tricky, but after setting to your taste are just minor changes on the positioning of the heads before taking pictures.
Then I bought a Fisheye lenses too. After reviewing Canon or Sigma, diagonal or spherical, 8, 10 or 15 milimeters, I have opted for the diagonal Fisheye Canon 15mm f/2.8. Due to the APC sensor of my EOS Rebel XSi, the distortion are not too visible, but as I'm planning to buy an EOS 5D (full frame) in november, that's not a problem.

That's a valuable equipment (specially when the 5D come) and for this I'm making one cabinet humidity proof to keep all this safe.

I think that is all for now. I'll take some pictures of the cabinet progress and as soon I finish I make a DIY post explaining the process.

Felipe Duran
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I am reborn / Eu renasco

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 25, 2010, 2:38 PM
Well, after some years away from DA and photography in general, I think this time I'll be back to full production until something gets me away from the passion again. As some know (others not) I work effectively with information security and came from six years in two companies that consumed my time and mental health almost 100%.

In these six years I could make innumerable ways to store money to invest in equipment, one of my biggest limitation in the time it was more active on DA. Now, I'm turning to a more calm phase of my life, where the photos can and will get back to my daily life, sharing space with the daily job.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me and support me until today, mainly because even the absence of comment on photos serve as a thermometer for me, every day, to improve and seek more knowledge about photography.

Hugs and sorry to see that many friends do not participate anymore, but this is the price that I have to pay for becoming absent.
Felipe Duran


Bom, depois de alguns anos afastado do DA e da fotografia em geral, acho que dessa vez eu volto com todo o gás até que algo me afaste da paixão novamente. Como alguns sabem (outros não) eu trabalho efetivamente com Segurança da Informação e vim de 6 anos em duas empresas que consumiam meu tempo e saude mental praticamente 100%.

Nesses 6 anos consegui construir inumeros meios para ter verba a investir em equipamento, um dos meus maiores limitadores na epoca que era mais ativo no DA. Agora volto a uma fase mais sussegada da minha vida, onde a fotografia pode e vai voltar ao meu dia a dia, dividindo espaço com o trabalho que hoje desempenho.

Gostaria de agradecer a todos que me suportaram e que me suportam até hoje, principalmente porque mesmo a ausência de comentários em fotos me servem de termômetro para cada dia mais melhorar e buscar conhecimento sobre fotografia.

Abraços e pena ver que muitos amigos não participam mais, mas este é o preço que tenho que pagar por ficar ausente tanto tempo.
Felipe Duran

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  • Drinking: Water
With my new Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi I surrender to the Digital SLR photography.

Felipe Duran
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De saco cheio de escrever em inglês, depois eu faço um breve comentario deste update do jornal.

Porra, faziam 2 anos que nem dava as caras por aqui. Ando bem desanimado com ARTE em si. As coisas são pouco valorizadas para alguns e supervalorizadas para outros...

Não falo de mim pois tenho certeza de que, se muito, chego a um artista mediano. Mas vejo pessoas tão boas e que nunca recebem sequer 1/3 do reconhecimento merecido, e pessoas tão ruins que vendem obras como se fossem a nova revelação do século.

Isso realmente me desmotivou a Fotografar, modelar, animar... Resumindo, a contar uma mentira no jornal de 5 de Maio de 2005. Eu não retornei e acho que não quero retornar.

Primeiro porque não tenho tempo suficiente disponivel para atualizar aqui.
Segundo porque, para colocar Print e nunca ninguem comprar, vou cada dia ficar com mais raiva de mim.
Terceiro porque eu poderia muito bem fazer dinheiro com a "arte dos outros", afinal existem tantas formulas que deram certo e dão até hoje que é facil copiar um modelo e seguir ganhando dinheiro com a arte dos outros.

Mas meu mal é esse. Não sei seguir a moda.
Eu sei pensar e por isso, faço uma bosta de arte, mas faço com que ela tenha meu nome atrelado as formas, setup de iluminação dentre outras caracteristicas minhas.

As pessoas acostumaram a escutar musicas de 3 notas, e já nem reconhecem mais as outras 4 existentes...

Felipe Duran

Some information for english speakers.

1 - I'm not doing this to translate the journal for you. I'm really pissed about don't know how to express feelings in english.

2 - If you want to know what is writen above, use a translator for Portuguese to english.

3 - The text tells about how I'm bored with art and people.

4 - A revelant quote is the last one.
"People learned to listen 3 notes music and forgot about the existence of the other 4..."

Felipe Duran
After some months out I´m planning to return to show some new stuff here.

I don´t have much time to take care of this gallery, but I need to make some kind of art (Exactly that it is art only for me).

Now, I make photos and I´m working with 3D.

I hope to have time to submit and to see the work of that I appreciate for here.

See you in Hell.
And Sorry for the poor english.

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I´m back.
I´m here to disturb your lives again.

Take care and never say goodbye.

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Minhas sinceras desculpas para o pessoal que visita aqui, e para os que eu raramente comento.

Ando bem sumido do DA, fazendo comentarios vazios e inuteis.
Mas sao epocas dificeis na vida.

Espero logo estar retomando minha rotina de comentarios e submissions.

Abraco a todos e ateh mais ver.


If you only speak english, use a translator. :P

TIP: Portuguese to English. Some people think this are Spanish.

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...the old man said.
My faith was restored, for I knew that Santa would never lie.


Bugs, pl. n.:
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Taxes, n.:
        Of life's two certainties, the only one for which you can get an extension.

Fornication, n.:
        Term used by people who don't have anybody to screw with.

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"God is an atheist."

"Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth."
-- Alan Watts

"I drink to make other people interesting."
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work, use the other side of the brush on the other end of the child.
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Motto of the Electrical Engineer:
        Working computer hardware is a lot like an erect penis: it
stays up as long as you don't f**k with it.

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You have prepared a proposal for your supervisor.  The success of this
proposal will mean increasing your salary 20%.  In the middle of your
proposal your supervisor leans over to look at your report and spits
into your coffee.  You:

(a) Tell him you take your coffee black.

(b) Ask him if he has any communicable diseases.

(c) Show him who's in command; promptly take a leak in his "In"

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Anxiety, n.:
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Panic, n.:
        The second time you can't do it the first time.

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"College is like a woman -- you work so hard to get in, and nine months
later you wish you'd never come."
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"Anything created must necessarily be inferior to the essence of the creator."
-- Claude Shouse

"Einstein's mother must have been one heck of a physicist."
-- Joseph C. Wang

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"Keep Hell Beautiful Get Tattooed"
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"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company."
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Im so bored. Im so tired... :-(
I want to buy my SRL Canon EOS but...
I dont have Money.yyy... Tell me WHY
I dont have MOONEYY... Tell me WHY.

Tip of the day.
Experience is what you get when you were expecting something else.
There's a long-standing bug relating to the x86 architecture that allows you to install Windows.
-- Matthew D. Fuller --