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MH: Island Selfie


Old art is old

 Avea managed to convince her parents to let her spend a week with Jane and Andy on the island, so long as she checked in regularly. James remembers how Aerial is, so he decides to send her a snapchat on Avea’s iCoffin the day they go hang out on a beach. Whether Momma Trotter was amused or not by the caption has yet to be seen.

 idk why but i was having major Moreau-Boolittle/Jungle Sisters feels suddenly

 also illustrating selfie is great fun lol 

 it’s also hysterical to me that mr “i don’t want kids because iw ould be a horrible parent” / “breeding naturally is messy and outdated, artificial evolution is the way to go” is the one that’s hanging out with the teenagers and taking selfies to annoy his former intern

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Jane Boolittle, Andy Beast, Avea Trotter © Monster High © Mattel

This versions of Dr Moreau is mine and is canon to nothing

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