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HS: Diviner of Mind

We come into life knowing everything about ourselves.
Who we are…
Who we will be…
Who we have been…
The trick of it is finding a way to unlock the

This is Cadiss’ power as the Diviner of Mind; she’s connected to every instance of herself at any given time. Pre-Scratch, Ancestry, Dream Self, even her future selves are all connected. This leads to the odd feelings of dejavu she gets, that are confused for prophetic dreams (being a Derse dreamer, she can’t have those you see), and for knowing things before they happen (like seeing Dean before meeting him, though that could be in part because she was awake on Derse while he was asleep). But it’s also why Domine (pre-scratch DM) and the Dollmaker saw ends to their times; it’s wasn’t a foretelling of the future, it was a memory belonging to Cadiss.

Currently her powers are only active on a subconscious level, thus why she was awake early and only “dreamt” of the future. But once she ascends to GT she’ll have conscious control of her powers.

I just love this image. I love how the trifecta of Domine, DM, and Cadiss mimic the Mind symbol. I know, I’m infamous for having a thing for triads myself ^^; But it’s so wonderful how it all fits.

PK also did a wonderful job drawing me the line art ^^ I colored and created the bg, but without her drawing this wouldn’t’ve come out anywhere near this good. Everyone should go and commission her right now for sketches, seriously.

So there you go. That’s Domine Mortalis (pre-scratch DM), Dominess Mortalis/ the Dollmaker (post-scratch DM), and Cadiss Tazim. I’m sure she’d be connected to pre-scratch Cadiss too…but there’s no real point to her as the story stands right now ^^;

Though I must also comment how much a coincidence it is that a possible pre-scratch Mindfang was introduced at around the same time I designed pre-scratch DM…what a good Scorpio I am :D

:lol: anyways, that’s it. This is so my new wallpaper on my comp and touch :D

Homestuck © Andrew Hussie
Domine/Dominess Mortalis, Dollmaker, Cadiss Tazim © me
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This is well thought out and i appreciate her back story
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I love your artwork! :-)
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I've been meaning to ask, why does DM/Dollmaker have blue horns?
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DM's horns and eyes are blue instead of the yellow tones because she isn't an Alternian troll, she's from a sister planet called Interia (this isn't canon, this is all me just for the record); in the Ancestor's time, the Condense was invading and exterminating Interia/ns. DM slipped thrpugh becuase they didn't realize she was their queen and the grand Highblood was amused at her doll making skills. She went crazy and tried to slaughter all the Highbloods though, so she was put to death by drowning. Cadiss is also an Interian troll (or at least half), but she appears Alternian because (like how some moth catepillars mimic/look similar to butterfly ones) it's part of the Interian natural defenses to mimic the species it's around. When Cadiss acends to GT she'll become a fully realized/full blooded Interian troll. This also explains her neon pink blood, since the color doesn't exist on Alternia.
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Oh! I am so much less confuddled now. Thank you.
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lol np. i thin kn i've explianed it elsewhere, but who knows anymore ^^;
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I didn't want to have to search for it so I just asked.
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Please can you give me a description on what homestuck is?
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Homestuck is a story written by Andrew Hussie. You can find it on the MSpaintadventures site, and read it. Beware, it is incredibly long.
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This is one of the coolest things ever.
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awwwww yays ^^ and yeah i know it is ^^ PK does the best lines! and i love coloring :D
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