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FOP: BK2 Makeouts

I colored this! I am sosososososososo proud of this picture!!

First I was proud of my posing and stuff right, but now it’s in color, WITH shading/highlighting AND a proper background! Course you can’t see all of the background because they cover it up ^^; But still! I did proper shading, and a background, with an awesome posing job. I just am so proud of myself, and this picture.

And to think, I didn’t even plan to draw this, it just happened on a whim. So it goes to show that sometimes you don’t have to think seriously to art beautifully ^^

Bronze Kneecap and Brass Knuckles © FOP
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What the WHat? XD

Love this!!
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It's even sexier in color!
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heehee i know right XDDDD
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