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“This is totally not gonna work.” Jake said simply. He held the thick blue suit up, looking over the heavy latex with disdain before turning and glaring at his partner, the only other living thing in the secluded alley they were set in.

“It totally will.” Henry grinned. “This is a high quality suit, you know!” he defended. The short, slightly wide youth flashed his most ‘winning’ smile, which of course did nothing to ease his friend’s worry. “Come on, just think it over!”

“I did.” Jake complained. The black haired skinny young man glared at his ‘friend’, although honestly Henry was more of an acquaintance--or rather, annoyance that wouldn’t go away-- that happened to always go to Jake with whatever stupid idea he had. “And I hate it. This will never, never work.”

“Come on, Jakey!” Henry whined, going over to his companion and slinging a friendly, slightly sweaty arm over Jake’s shoulders. “Trust me! This suit might look like weird fancy costume, but I can guarantee that anyone that puts it on will turn into a full fledged Samurott! Powers and all!” he grinned, as if he were pitching the suit to Jake.

Which he might as well have been. Henry’s goal, Jake knew, was to get him to wear the suit. It was part of his plan to get a badge out of the local gym, or something. Henry always wanted to be a trainer, but there was very little when it came to a selection of Pokemon around here, nor was there a lab to obtain an appropriate starter. And without a Pokemon or way of catching a Pokemon they couldn’t even register at the local Pokemon Center.

But still, to resort to some weird as hell magic suit? “And why do you need me to do this?” Jake gripped the suit in his hands, looking the thing over. It certainly looked like a Samurott suit, at the very least. The shiny coat of blues, the legs ending in three claws, the big drooping tail, the large, helmet covered head with a pointed snout and an impressive amount of whiskers.

Jake had to admit, the thing was, if anything, very well made. And very heavy, too. But that was nowhere near enough to convince him to actually put the thing on, let alone convince him that the suit could apparently completely transform him in mind and body into a full-fledged Samurott.

He turned to see Henry, grinning at him like a fool. “You love it, right? Tell me you love it. Come on, put it on!” he urged, far too excited for his own good. Jake sighed and slung the suit over his arm, rubbing his forehead with his now free hand. Henry didn’t even seem to notice his ‘friend’s general annoyance (although to be fair, for some reason that seemed to be Jake’s default face whenever Henry was around, so he could only assume his old pal was just naturally cranky all the time) as he began to vaguely explain how the suit worked.

“See, there’s a seam right here in the back” he showed the seam off by tugging the Samurott’s back open in a clean, straight cut through the latex. “You just climb in, and your body sorta merges with the suit, adjusting to fit the proportions.” he grinned as Jake looked at him in disbelief. “And then BAM! By the time the suit closes up, you’re a full, awesomely powerful pokemon!”

“Uh huh.” Jake muttered, rolling his eyes. Still, would something like that even be possible? Henry evidently spent a ton of money on this thing, and regardless of its’ more insane properties Henry was spouting it was a very high quality suit. Samurotts were pretty cool, too...

“I know that look... you’re considering it!” Henry beamed, practically bouncing in his steps as he pat his friend on the back. “Look, I know it’s hard to believe, so how about this--” he paused, looking out into the alley, as if someone would come and see him. Really, the action just made it look like he had something to hide. “You try the suit on, give it a little test run, you know? Then you can decide whether or not you want to take on that gym!” his grin grew as wide as it possibly could as he saw Jake consider it. “I promise it’s not dangerous at all. Plus, you don’t even have to worry about any funny smells in the suit or anything, since you’ll be the first one to wear it.”

The first one to wear it... Jake grimaced as he stared at the suit. The empty eye sockets seemed to stare right back at him as he mulled the plan over. Henry was annoying, but he wasn’t an idiot, at the very least. He wouldn’t waste money on something like this, nor would he put him at risk with some weird unstable science project... or at least that is what Jake told himself to make himself feel better as he uttered his next words. “Alright, fine, I’ll try it.” he spoke, and before Henry could say something he quickly added, “But only for a few minutes, and you better not look while I’m putting this stupid thing on. Go keep watch, I don’t wanna get stuck explaining this thing to anyone.”

Henry frowned a moment. It was clear he really wanted to see the suit at work. Regardless he relented and gave a small salute before heading around the corner. “Tell me when you’re done... well, I guess just give a cry or something, hehe.” he whispered, being perhaps a little too sneaky about what they were doing.

Jake sighed, brushing back his messy black hair as he held the suit up, turning it around in his arms and peering at the small seam in the suit’s back. It was practically invisible when the suit was fully closed up, the two ends sticking together easily. It seemed to open up rather easily as well, loose enough that even the person inside it could get out on their own, yet strong enough that it couldn’t slip open by accident or in the middle of physical activity. The thing didn’t even need a zipper... not that Jake would be able to even reach it if there was one with the suit’s forelegs the way they were.

Jake shook his head. He was probably just delaying the inevitable. He already agreed to doing this, so he might as well do it. The most likely result would be that he would just be wearing a rubbery Samurott suit in the middle of an alley by himself, anyway. Still, his heart had begun to pound from the idea that the suit might just do what Henry said he would... and did he really want to become a Pokemon, however temporary?

With that, he swallowed his breath and opened the suit up, looking at the shiny material inside for a few seconds. He stuffed his right arm into the latex, feeling the cold material against his hand. It was a very rubbery, odd feeling. Stretchy yet tough. He carefully moved his arm into the socket for the Samurott’s right forearm. The material stretched and squeezed over his arm, his hand moving into the Samurott’s own. Two of the sharp digits had to have two of his own fingers in each of them, while his thumb occupied the last, third digit. He stared at his hand inside the suit, wiggling his three digits experimentally.

He continued looking at his suited arm, as if expecting something to happen to it, but nothing did. He rolled his eyes, as if something would actually happen... still, he said he’d put the whole thing on, so he would do it.

Carefully he lifted his leg and slid his foot into the appropriate opening, his whole leg easily slipping into the suit, the latex hugging to his body. The inner parts of the suit seemed to have some padding, since his limbs looked a lot fatter and wider within the suit. It was surreal, seeing half of his body parts still normal yet the other half in some weird beastly costume.

Regardless, he shook the thoughts out of him and opened the seam up to slide his other leg in. Once it was fully in, he felt the suit, once again, cling to him. The seam even started to close around his back now that it reached around, the young man’s behind wrapped in deep blue, the wide tail commonly seen on Samurotts now hanging limply from the small of his back.

The suit was heavy, but it seemed to feel a little less strenuous now. It was a bit difficult getting his last arm in, but he managed to slide it into place as well. The suit closed up even more around him. The cold feeling of latex over his limbs seemed to disappear, oddly, and his hands felt a little numb.

Jake looked over the empty Samurott head’s shoulder to examine his body. Honestly, from the neck down, he really did look like a latexy, slightly skinny Samurott... standing on two legs, anyhow.

The young man suddenly felt an odd tickle in his spine. He looked back to see the suit’s tail, now raised up slightly. “This is so weird...” he muttered to himself in the alley, not wanting to give Henry any reason to come look at him. The tail was a bit weighty, and it really threw off his balance. Not to mention it felt like it was attached to his back what with how much the suit clung to him.

He turned his attention back to his front. The suit looked pretty thick, and the young man couldn’t help but poke the suit’s slightly rounded light blue belly. To his discomfort, he suddenly shivered as he felt the claw. It felt like he was poking himself in the gut, as opposed to poking some padding. “O-okay, really weird.”

He was suddenly made aware of the breeze against his body, and the fact that he couldn’t feel his fingers or his toes underneath the digits of the costume. In fact, when he looked down at his feet, he couldn’t even see his human features underneath the thick blue limbs. Did they seem shorter, too?

Jake began to feel a little anxious now as he suddenly realized how... alien his body felt. He tried to stand up, only to wobble and fall onto his four legs. To his discomfort, he couldn’t, for the life of him, stand up normally. He was forced onto four legs, and it felt oddly natural, his claws pushing against the pavement underneath him. “Wh-whoa... holy... it actually works!?” he whisper yelled in shock and amazement.

From the neck down, his body was indistinguishable from a Samurott. His limbs worked only as they should have in this state, his former legs-- now hindlegs-- bending quite differently, and his former arms--now forelegs-- forced in front of him. He idly wondered if the entire thing was genuine, gazing at the shells attached to his new forelegs and pressing his memory to remember that the top shells were in fact swords.

But he could worry about that later. There was still part of the costume remaining... but would he put it on, now that he knew that Henry was not lying? He had come this far, of course, but still... becoming a full Pokemon? Just what would that mean for him...? The thought sent only mixed feelings through the young man.

He bit his lip and moved the head. The seam went through the Pokemon’s neck and upwards to just under his solid helmet. If this were a normal suit, the fit would be really awkward, sure-- but it wasn’t a normal suit, after all. With a bit of a forced grin his claws awkwardly reached for the seam to help force it open. It wasn’t an easy task, of course, what with his new bone structure and fatter limbs, but he got it done.

With that his head slid into place, plunging him into a blue, squishy cold darkness. It was a few seconds of tugging and squirming as he felt latex press all over his head, barely able to breath within the rubber, but eventually two points of light met his vision. He adjusted the head to the point where he could see clearly through the two eye sockets.

And then the sockets were gone. His mouth opened in short gasps, his nose twitched as a variety of smells tickled his nose, and everything seemed crisper and clearer. He reached a claw up to touch his cheek... and sure enough he felt the digit against his new muzzle. “Rott...” he gasped, shaking his head, whispering to himself, but the words only came out as the cries of a Samurott.

He shakily placed his leg down against the pavement and began to turn around and examine himself. His neck was longer, along with his body being larger, and such despite his quadruped stance he wasn’t that much shorter than his former height.

It took a while to get used to all this.

Jake took a step, wobbling a bit. A gentle step forward, unbecoming the large, powerful creature he had become. “Samu... rott.” he shuddered. He felt strong, his blue body full of muscle. His claws ran over his body idly, feeling short blue fur all over... the suit was gone. Rather, it merged with him, and as such the latex was replaced by the fur and hairs of a normal Samurott of his species.

His species. It was odd thinking of it that way, but it was true, he was a Samurott. A full, complete Samurott! He was now aware of the amazing, cold power within him-- his power over water. He’d have to ask Henry what exactly he could do in this body... but still! A Samurott! Jake couldn’t help but give a cry in amazement-- and mostly to display his own cool power.

Henry, of course, quickly came around the corner and looked at Jake--rather, the Samurott now standing in Jake’s place, with Jake’s shoes and some of his looser clothes arranged in a neat pile nearby. A grin soon covered Henry’s face, one that Jake couldn’t help but return in excitement as the two approached each other.  “Hehehehe! I told you! I told you it worked!”

“Samu!” Jake responded, only having to look up slightly to meet the short young man’s gaze. He was careful not to get too close what with his horn, even in his excitement.

“Oh man, I can’t even tell that’s you! It worked completely! You even talk like a Samurott! I have NO idea what you’re saying!” he smiled wide, circling the Pokemon and feeling the water-type up. Muscle and cold fur met his hand, along with the solid shell of the helmet when he began to pet his friend turned Pokemon.

“Samu... Samurott!” the Pokemon grinned, stomping a foot down.

Henry ran in front of the Pokemon and smiled wide in excitement. “So... I see that look, Jakey.” Henry grinned. “What do you say? You up for some battles? It’ll be totally easy for you, you know... our local gym’s a fire type, after all.”

Jake paused. Did he really want to fight? Sure, he was a Pokemon, and Pokemon battled naturally, but could he really do it?

Walking, talking, all of it came naturally to him. His heart began to pound again, but instead of nervousness it was excitement. He had his answer.


“Oh man! I can’t believe it! We got ourselves a badge! A badge and a trainer ID!” Henry gushed, looking over the shiny fire badge and not as shiny case and ID. He was a full trainer, even if he cheated the system and didn’t actually have a Pokemon of his own.

And speaking of Pokemon, the Samurott that was Jake rolled its neck. Battling felt amazing, and he felt, quite frankly, fantastic. But still, he would have to get out of the suit eventually. “Rott.” he yawned, sitting on his legs as he stared at the pokemon food in front of him. His ‘prize’ for winning, according to Henry.

His so-called friend may have gotten a little carried away, but Jake wouldn’t complain-- he got carried away too. “Just imagine what we could do with these suits!” Henry squealed in excitement.

Suits? Plural? “Samu?” Jake asked. Henry seemed to understand, despite his friend’s Pokespeak, as he turned and addressed the Samurott.

“Hehehe... didn’t I tell you? That one came in a bundle! I got tons of these!” Henry grinned. “What do you think, Jake? Wanna go on an awesome Pokemon adventure with me?” the short kid smiled wide as he held up his badge case.

The Samurott rolled his eyes in annoyance, and yet a smile was still in place on its muzzle. Did he even have to ask?

He already had his answer.
A Samurott Costume TF. Plain and Simple.

Don't really have anything else to say here.

Be sure to comment, and check out my page for requests and commission prices. If not, at the very least enjoy this quickie.
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I don't usually react, my account exists to watch many pics and stories about transformations and living suits etc...
But for this story i'm giving you credit, i really liked the idea of it.
Just 1 question: How is the trainer gonna carry the suits and battle with more then 1 pokemon?
Already had his answer.
Plot twist : "No"
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nice story
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