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Large amounts of merriment were had this night - most citizens of Ponyville won't forget it anytime soon... once they recover from those terrifying nightmares, that is.

Poor Luna, she shouldn't have pushed herself that much (Come on, it's time to get over the fact that you almost destroyed the world... twice... - Cheer up and take a few lessons from Discord.)

So, a hiatus of unspecified duration? Hmm, let's hope they didn't turn the second half of season 5 into the announced season 6...

Until then, all hail to our new prince of apples!
And that's how Twilight got her Element of Friendship key :D  ... Oh, wait, no...

What a lovely, heartwarming episode. It was great to see Twi and Spike get back together with their Canterlot friends.
Who would have guessed, that missing out on a party could have such consequences. Pinkie will likely have a word with Twilight about this later.

I wonder how Twi felt when she learned that Lyra moved to Ponyville - they must have walked by each other there like a hundred times without noticing...

Hi everyone!
I just want to let you know that I have set up an account on Patreon.

So, if you like my artwork a lot and would like to support me, I would appreciate it a lot :meow:

Hi everyone! TwilightIsMagic has interviewed me for Equestria Daily :D
You can read it in the linked post.

You've come such a long, long way...

Wow, that was an awesome finale!

The song was great and touching.
Now we also know why Luna was at Sapphire Shores' place in that Sweetie Belle episode - Luna was taking singing lessons :D

And that battle - it was (almost) up there with stuff seen on DBZ or Avatar :D - dayum!
The villain was serious business - there were great villains before, but this one took the cake to a whole new level in terms of bad-assery.

R.I.P. Golden Oaks Library - you will be missed :(

The final fight felt a little rushed and cheesy (as usual :) ) - but you gotta take the cheese with the crackers, right?

I'm so looking forward to season 5.

...almost ruined by Spike?
Ah, poor little Spike. His song was deliciously painful and hilarious but he did make up for it later on by saving the athletes from being crushed.
I can imagine what kind of statue Cloudsdale might make for him...

As for the Games themselves, well there was so much build up for them in past episodes - and then they were just a minor topic within the episode where they took place ... to focus on Spike of all characters. So yeah, I'm a little disappointed in that regard. It was an enjoyable episode, but still...

At least we saw all the Princesses together - that has to count for something, right?

And is it just me or was that a rather mature lesson at the end?

A whole episode focusing on Rarity? YES! :D

Well, I guess Spike was there as well...
This was a nice episode with lots of Rarity drama, craziness and wallowing ... in ice cream.

With her magic induced obsession, she was more like an externally controlled plot device some of the time it seemed ... the puppeteer in the beginning might have been a hint?
I would have liked some more focus on Rarities interactions with other characters, as that is where she usually shines - but as this was a Spike episode, his time with her was what it was all about ... ah, well...


Ha, this one was a lot of fun. The interactions between the girls were fun to watch and there was a lot of neat stuff going on that made this episode very entertaining.
I can't wait to see it in a resolution better than 360p to get all the stuff going on in the background...

When Spike introduced his mint condition comic, I was expecting him to have it ruined eventually - as per his previous experiences as beating bag this season. But luckily (for him) he got away just fine this time :)

Hah, the lettuce twins with a bird cage :D

Oh glob, that chicken picture...

And what happened to the bear whistle??? I NEED TO KNOW!

A good episode with many great moments and character stuff.

Awww, what happened? - So many sick, injured and otherwise suffering ponies without anyone to help them :O 
...Did Rainbow Dash sonic-rainboom the hospital ... again?

Hmm, anyway, Applejack was very level-headed this time - rather unusual for an AJ episode, right :D

You know, if the Apples and the Flim-Flam brothers would team up for once - with the Apples' quality products and the Brothers' expert marketing strategies, they could make tons of money...

This day is going to be perfect!

There were many similarities between this episode and Sleepless in Ponyville (a CMC, a sister conflict, nightmares and Luna).
And considering how great the previous one was, this one was pretty good as well. Lot’s of character stuff, great visuals, and Luna.

It was nice how Luna referred to the sister that often outshines her - the way she relates to Sweetie Belle because of it tells a lot about her relationship with Celestia without many words.
And the dream-walking seems to be something she does quite often. A great way for Luna to be there for her subjects even during the night.

Sweetie Belle did well too of course :)
She may have seemed a little too angry with Rarity, although a suitable explanation was given so that's all right I guess - and exaggerated emotions are fun to watch and often lead to entertaining situations.

I wonder if Celestia appears in daydreams...

YAY, this is so awesome! Do you remember the Trixie 3D model I made a few years ago?
She is now a real vinyl figure - thanks to the awesome guys at :D
(Officially licensed by Hasbro)

Now available for pre-purchase!

Adequate Episode. Maud was entertaining. Boulder was cute. Candy. And Rocks. Yay.

Poor AJ got reduced to a over-obsessed crazy pony in the first half of the episode... again. But the battle against the chimera sure made up for it!
Keeping an eye on Apple Bloom probably saved the apples from rebuilding the barn though :D

So, if that was AJ's road, I wonder where Big Mac was heading - maybe right through Tartarus itself?

" you know..." - well, I had a bad feeling when the episode started with these words.

The whole thing with the Breezies seemed (unnecessarily) contrived - why were they so helpless and what's up up with that magic portal?

Despite that it was still a nice episode. And Seabreeze was fun - especially his irish? accent. It must be really frustrating to supervise that bunch of slackers :D
It was also nice to see, in the end, why he wanted to get home so urgently :3

(Also, why was the Doctor wearing 3d glasses?) - Answered

An enjoyable episode.

Twilight needs to work on her table manners - especially considering that she is supposed to be a princess...

It was nice to see Twi as a teacher - emulating her idol Princess Celestia. She didn’t give the CMCs all the answers but taught them how to figure stuff out for themselves by pointing them in the right direction. This is probably how Celestia was teaching Twi as well - and it explains why Celestia always seemed so “lazy” in dealing with a crisis and sent Twilight to deal with it.

Also, Scootaloo looked so adorable on that unicycle :D

Hi everyone.
I'm happy to announce my first portfolio - well, kind of :D

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Hnnnnggg, Fluttershy - she was so adorable in this episode :3

Hasn’t she sung several times in public already without any problems? - Well, I guess musical numbers don’t count so this issue can be ignored for this episode...

BigMac and his non-talking running gag were used very well here - he even sang and said a few words. Back in “Pinkie apple Pie” the way he was kept quiet seemed a little forced.

The ending had a nice twist - when Fluttershy joined the ensemble in a song it seemed as if she would have overcome her fears way too fast, making it look really unrealistic - but then her audience was revealed and they even talked about it further and that was very satisfying.

All in all, a very cute episode :)

Rarity truly is the queen of drama - her performance in this episode was impressive, over the top and therefore very entertaining.

She looked so awkward and adorable when she tried to ride the plow :D

Her fake southern accent was great - the way she went from imitating AJ to outright mocking her was quite a spectacle - not just the accent but everything else as well.

I wonder if Rarity behaved like that just because she was jealous of AJ for Trenderhoov’s attention. There may have been more to it then just a “girl wants boy” plot. Maybe she felt her whole being, style and work put into question - *how can the trendiest pony of Equestria like all that icky farm stuff?* - We have seen how these ponies can freak out when their passions, “destinies” or identities - or how you want to call it - are put into question...

But let’s not forget AJ here - she had many great moments as well!


- just DAYUM. What a spectacular episode - it was a crazy package of fun, standing out even among other Pinkie episodes.

It was engaging from start to finish with great songs, touching emotional stuff and so many interesting things and little details - I don’t even know where to start as there is too much to list it all here.

Just a few at least:
Diamond Tiara singing, filly Lyra + Bonbon, Flitter and Cloudchaser, Colgate with braces, spanish Pinkie, real life Gummy, a third Pie sister, overall epicness, awesome songs, RD eating a giant pizza, chocolate fountain goodness, Polka, Weird Al, etc...

One question remains though - who is gonna pay for all that party equipment? :D
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