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This one is available on shirts at - Officially licensed and approved by Hasbro!
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Lookin' good m8.
here is an idea, U could do Zecora in love i know it would be rlly good if u drew it, nice artwork btw!
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can I buy this? ill give u 5 points?
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This is great good job mate
Equestria-Golden's avatar
Wow i love this! Zecora is almost my favorite mpl fim character accept Fluttershy!!!
Pegasister1029's avatar
Really? Zecora is your favorite My Pony Little character? XD
Equestria-Golden's avatar
accept fluttershy.
Pegasister1029's avatar
I will not accept Fluttershy. XD
Equestria-Golden's avatar
well then which pony is your fav ?
Pegasister1029's avatar
Woona. And Zecora. And AJ. 
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У меня такой вопрос. Еслть художники которые суперски рисуют пони, и с сто раз лучше этой художницы, но только почему на них внимания почти нету а на это всё внимание! На рисунки которые рисуются не больше двух часов!
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                            love it its awesomeness

You're amazing!
I speak only the truth.
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Your shading is absolutely inspiring.
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