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Rarity: be a hero and be fabulous is not easy! make dress is more saver then be a hero! so kids! dont do what hero do in home’s! i am serieuse DONT! we are pro and we know the rick of the job! this is not a game!…i hope the girls are not this kind of mess?
Rainbow: Oh man! my hero suit a total mess!
Applejack: well for the first time we face a bad guy who a succeed to go beyond our limit!
Pinkie: yeah! all of us , our suit , we can see our cutie mark!
Fluttershy: i think my suit is the more mess….i think?
Twilight: well is better our suit ,then our live! is time to set this criminal to jail and go to the base!
Rarity: oh boy, i got a lot to job to do on this! i think is time to make them more tuffer!
Rainbow: you think?
Twilight: i warning you rarity but no, you think of fabulous first!
Rarity: i get it!
Spike: my suit is ok!
Rarity: is good spike..will you help me?
Twilight: we all help Rarity!
Everypony: yay!
Rarity: i can’t ask better friends then this! let go to the base!
Applejack: yeah but i think we all need a good shower!