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When I Was Just A Filly...

Hey, who gave that filly a mug of cider?!


:iconkobrakin: Kobrakin wrote [link] :

:iconfillyrainbowdashplz: Man, the ground is so boring. Why'd we need to come here for a picnic...I wonder where mom and dad will get back with lunch? I'm really thirsty!
:icondiscordishappyplz: Oh, I'm afraid they got a bit delayed, little Rainbow Dash. But if you're thirsty, I'm sure I can help.
:iconfillyrainbowdashplz: Wow! You sure are funny looking, mister! Are there a lot of creatures like you on the ground?
:icongoodluckeveryponyplz: Haha! No, I'm afraid there's only one of me in the entire universe, little filly. A real shame, isn't it? In any said something about being thirsty?
:iconfillyrainbowdashplz: Yeah! Do you have something to drink? I could go for some apple juice!
:icondiscord-plz: Apple juice? Oh, how quaint! No, little Dash, I have something infinitely superior to apple juice for you today. What I have here is apple cider!
:iconfillyrainbowdashplz: Even better than apple juice? I wanna to try some!...Wait a minute. Mom and dad told me never to take things from strangers, and you're pretty strange, mister. Are you a stranger?
:iconmlpdiscordplz: Me? A stranger? Most certainly not! I assure you, Rainbow Dash, this cider is both completely harmless and completely delicious.
:iconfillyrainbowdashplz: ...*gulp*...WOW! This is the most amazingly incredibly radical awesome thing EVER! Thanks mister!
:icondiscordumadplz: Oh, you're very welcome, Dash. Unfortunately, I must be going, but rest assured, we'll meet again. A shame you won't remember me. But you'll definitely remember this unbelievable cider...a pity you'll only ever be able to get a single mug every fifteen years.
:iconfillyrainbowdashplz: Huh? Mister? Where'd you go?...Wait, who was I talking to? Where did this drink come from? It looks good, and I am really thirsty...WOW! This is the most amazingly incredibly radical awesome thing EVER! I can't wait to have some more!
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No Dashie! DONT DRINK THE CIDER! Anyway, I am back. Your tired of me, aren't you? Sorry. But it's somewhat your fault by making these amazing pictures. I really like the story in the description and even though you didn't make it, it still does go with YOUR picture and YOU put it in the description. It seems really funny that discord started Dashie's love for cider when she was just a FILLY! But even though this is technically impossible due to Discord's imprisonment, it just seems to fit nicely. I don't know. But this is the most amazingly incredibly radical awesome filly Rainbow Dash pic EVAR!!!
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No need to worry - I appreciate your critiques - Thank you :)
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Well I'm going to die of cuteness overdose, thanks to you. XD
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:iconfillyrainbowdashplz: :"Yum... this stuff is good."
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Cutest picture I've ever seen
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super cider squeezy 6000!!!!
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I'm not surprised...
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D'aaaww!!! Hahahh! This is so cute and funny at the same time!!! :love: :laughing: :love: :laughing:
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Rainbow Dash is best under-age drinker! XD
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When I was just a filly I drank a mug of whisky that a silly dragon gave to me. He told me it was cider then left me for a hider, that's the sickest I have ever been!
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Scootaloo: what you drank cider underage !!!! Cool!!!
Rainbow dash : just don't drink under age
Scootaloo:but you did
Rainbow dash: fucking bitch
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No rainbow dash put that down! :D
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In the UK the entire concept of the Flim Flam episode is hillarious. The alcoholic stuff we call cider, and the non alcoholic stuff we just call juice. I laughed my arse off throughout the whole episode watching these ponies trying to get drunk.
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...also, apple juice doesn't froth... but cider does... just saying
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:wow: Underage drinking has never been this adorable!
Great work.
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You are welcome. :hug:
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my feels were just assassinated
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... I got completely hammered...

... The end.
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