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Trixie of the Lamp

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I love this so much

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I really love this art of Trixie being a genie But what is the story behind it through. how did she became a genie of that lamp that's what i want to know But if you cant tell me the story of this i can make the it myself as in a comic. PS how did her best friend starlight glimmer react to Trixie being a genie.
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Trixie as a Genie? Fucking Genius!!!!
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Ooh, A Trixie Genie.

Just love the misty colour.
Trixie looks adorable as a genie
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Trixie as a genie? Because, why not? She looks awesome!!! :la: :la: :la:
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I still love this picture so much. The hair wisping off seals it for me :heart: .
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Holy freaking crap WHAT!?!
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Good piece of art you did here. =)
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Oooh do we get 3 wishes?
"cause i got some :D

1.This deviantion begin featured on EQD('cause its a REALLY nice work)
2.More ponies :)
3.:iconapplejackmoarapplesplz: (<-xD if it works then yes!!!)
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I would put the lamp on the ground and walk away forever
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Lamp -> Destroy
"Are you sure you want to destroy the lamp? You won't be able to get another one."

Then I'll walk away and talk to my friend Billy, the handgun.
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*The Great and Powerful Bang*
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Seth should see this! :D (Big Grin)
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Daww, that's so cute :3
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