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This is our big night!

Rarity and Sea Swirl singing at the prom.
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This is fantastic!
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Sea Swirl is so beautiful!
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Your art is absolutely wonderful! I can't even really pick which detail I like more!! no, not wonderful! gorgeous~!
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Thank you very much for the compliment :meow:
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Np, it is very beautiful Love 
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Isnt that Royal Ribbon? 
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This is adorable! ^w^
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i bet this will be a song in s4 !!!!!!
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It is a song in the movie. According to Daniel Ingram, the song was written as one entire song, but it had to be split for the movie. I decided to send the Japanese translation of that song and the cafeteria song to the company that oversees production of that language broadcast of my little pony.
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ah wekk the pic was realy nice !!!!!
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Sing it, Sistahs! :D
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