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The Sirens!

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Here are Adagio, Aria and Sonata roaming the Equestrian seas.

Watch the Let's Paint video on YouTube

If you like my artwork and would like to support me, you can do that on Patreon. Every bit is much appreciated :meow:
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SonataPlush by aqdrobert
Plush Sonata made by Alien Kitty Kun!

I like your sirens!
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i want to be friends with these cute sirens o3o
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Can I use this as a fanfic cover? I give credit and a link back to here. 
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Yes, you may use it :)
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I love the colours and form! And the details in the background are wonderful!
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Yay thier original form! ^_^
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A awesome Picture.
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I MUCH prefer your version to the comic-version :)
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oh, wow. I love these <3
they look so cool
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Lemme just say I ADORE you you drew these three in this form. Better than canon in my mind with the multi-color manes.
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Thank you - I'm happy that you like them :)
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Very Gen-1 style.
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"The Creator, if she exists, has an inordinate fondness of Ponies and things that look like them." - famous Griffon Naturalist Hawk, often(mainly by Ponies) wrongly attributed to Starswirl the Bearded.

Thalattodracon, largest of the Thalattodracoidea, commonly known as Sirens. Admired for their beauty, hunted for their magical properties, feared for their power. Although they resemble ponies, they are actually a mostly herbivorous species of marine dragon, descended from a land-dwelling ancestor. Individuals vary greatly in color and personality, although they are social creatures and tend to form schools of three or more Sirens. They are generally considered docile, but can be quite aggressive if necessary, using their powerful voices, which are often said to have a hypnotic effect. The gem on their chest is called a dragonite or dragon stone. It is considered precious for both, jewelry and magic, making Sirens as target for those who are after it. Combined with low birth rates, this causes their numbers to dwindle and their conservation status in endangered.  


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Technically speaking, from an evolutionary stand point, it's possible the seaponies evolved FIRST, and land ponies evolved from them! 
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
I think Seaponies, Mermares, Sirens, Kelpies etc. being secondarily aquatic makes more sense. Them resembling Ponies is the result of convergent Evolution. Their closest land-dwelling relatives would be Kirins and Longmas.
In the same vein Flutterponies, Breezies and Changelings are from the same order or family of insects.
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To each their own. 
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