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Sugarlumps Sculpture

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Diamond and Silver lurking on a rock,
waiting for somepony whom they can mock...

More photos are available on imgur:

If you like my artwork and would like to support me, you can do that on Patreon. Every bit is much appreciated :meow:
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wow, apsolute great work. You could make this and sell them. I would buy one for sure :).
Absolute Meisterarbeit. Wie hast Du das nur so genial gemacht? Blueprint oder sonst was?
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Vielen Dank für das kompliment :3

Ich habe die Skelette aus Draht gebastelt, so war es nicht all zu schwer, die Posen zusammen zu setzen.
Darauf kam dann Stück für Stück die Modelliermasse.
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schade hast Du die Figuren nicht zum verkauf. Die würde ich sofort in meine Sammlung stellen.
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Ich gehe davon aus, dass die Figur Sugarlumps immer noch nicht ein Fan-Artikel zum kaufen ist :D .

Sag mal, wirst Du an der GalaCon sein?

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Interesting pose on Diamond Ti-rara there, Wasnt expecting that. Great twerk though.
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but, what material it has been made with?
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Gotta love these Ponies and how they came out in general.
Just the small detail, the hooves needs to be rounded in a shape not too different from a "C"
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wow that's incredible. it really pains me not being $secure$ enough right now to offer up what this sculpt deserves and buy up this original from you. The details are out of this world and reminds me of how back in the early Warner Bro.s days when animators would use sculpts to help them with certain angles and stay consistent. At least as far as one documentary went.

I can see them in the middle of the rock which off across from them AB swing off an old tire with Scootaloo riding on the top of it as they both cannon ball in. Sweetie Belle vainly trying to swim against the stream, not that it's a strong pull, but her poor swimming form just makes it seem as if she isn't even moving from her spot. Good thing for Sweetie most of the area doesn't go over her head even past the shore. The rock Di and Sil being the deepest where they'd have to hop on their hind legs to stay above water if you can't just swim to it.

Penny for their thoughts.

Heh, dipping spots are so rare around here. Last one we had got ruined last couple years ago with companies dumping crap into the stream as the construction area just up stream made a hell of a mess that made the water go from clear to dark yellowish green. It had a couple big slabs of rocks in the middle. Best place to hang after a bit fun in the water. Rock felt so good as you dried off with friends just huddled in their spot. Fun times.

Again, just incredible. <3
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Thank you :3

Well, I don't think I would be willing to sell them anyway :D
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This is amazing! I especially love Diamond Tiara's villainous grin, she's plotting something evil.The Seriously Evil Laugh 
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I'm happy that you like it :D
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This is just all around incredible. You did an excellent job on the posing especially.
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I enjoy seeing traditional art from your skills.
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Oddly enough, they don't really look malevolent. Relaxed, rather.
Nice.                                                                                                                                                                           Clapping Pony Icon - Diamond Tiara Silver Spoon 
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"Then checkin' out our rumps then back to my suga' lumps."

that's all I could think about with the title.
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best pony and silver minion, heck yes!
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