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Stalking the night

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eyelessjack117's avatar
of course its pinkie pie.pinkie pie icon 
Miss-Mattie-Shimmer's avatar
Let me guess who this one is.
pinkiejack-applepie's avatar
bwahaha. thats what i taught but the bouncy nature of her moving made me think its pinkie
Miss-Mattie-Shimmer's avatar
Pinkie would actually be my next guess.
I thought it was Rarity because I realize KP draws Rarity a lot. 
pinkiejack-applepie's avatar
its pinkie pie..... right? :D :iconpinkiepiesmileplz:
Xemnas-sama's avatar
I go for that, no horns, no wings, a huge smile, yeah.
pinkamenadianepielol's avatar
The horer the horror!
TrueMadayar's avatar
I have a slight suspicion who that might be...
Thunder-Artist's avatar
I can imagine who is that :)
GL-Adopts's avatar
we can all tell which mare-do-well that is!
OgrisNya's avatar
you're my favorite artist and this one s best art :happybounce: 
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
I'm happy that you like my artwork that much :3
Thank you very much for the compliment :D
Gunnut51's avatar
For some reason, I keep seeing Twilight Sparkle (in the episode The Cutie Mark Chronicles) bouncing around saying "yes"...
mistypine01's avatar
She's a happy night stalker.
Excellent art, KP.
mistypine01's avatar
FullmetalRainbowDash's avatar
Hmm, I wonder who this could be? So it's either Twilight, AJ, Rarara, Flutters, or PONKA. I'm guessing Deadpool.
I am the mare that flaps in the night!
Breevsto's avatar
Oh so mysterious and deadly!!
Empty-bee's avatar
Gee, I wonder which pony is wearing the MDW costume? ;)
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