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Speedpaint 51 - Snips and Snails

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So adorable drawing with them ^^ Love these too very much :)
Rainstorm4444's avatar
You made them look actually good 
Erica-Sakura's avatar
D'aaaaaw! I LOVE this!
EscapadistFiction's avatar
This is the only time I've ever liked these characters XD
NoradTwo's avatar
Snails is so happy!
Smudge-Proof's avatar
Cuties. Snips looks pretty effeminate here :D
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
You even made those two homely colts look adorable. Mad skills yo!
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Hey, you did a double! Nice. These guys look pretty good. Well done KP-SS.
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Yay, a great piece with two ponies who could use more love from the fandom... and show writers... and IDW comics writers... and...

At any rate, very dinamic pose, very cheerful colts. The beckground colors work very well, bringing even more joy to the design of the duo. Snails in particular is extremelly well done.

KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
Thank you

I'm happy that you like it :D
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I have my own comic with just that:
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They're so often the butt of jokes.  It's nice to see them happy and normal-looking :-)
            Jessica Pony Clapping Icon 
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"53 Speedpaints - not 53 ponies ;D" 

U got me there. :D Anyway, this is pretty amazing, two ponies in one speedpaint and you still managed to paint it in good time. 
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they are fantastic my buddy.
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