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Speedpaint 49 - Fancy Pants

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My favourite unicorn stallion in the show.
Tenshineko01's avatar
He is such a gentlecolt.
FursonaKittenMittens's avatar
.......I'm obsessed with FancyPants.... NOW IM EVEN MORE OBSESSED WITH HIM!! SOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUTE!!! :D :la:
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
The nicest, down to earth high society pony in Equestria. A disgrace to their kind. :D
jyroman53's avatar
Fancy fancypants
whoeveriam0iam14222's avatar
he's not wearing his fancy pants.. or is he ^^
MegaPatron's avatar
very nicely done!
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I'm pretty sure it's impossible to dislike Fancy Pants.
FursonaKittenMittens's avatar
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He's nice to everypony, no matter what class you are.
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"Chances are your pants are not as fancy as the pair
Of very fancy pants the Mister Fancypants will wear
While everybody's marching in the Fancy Pants Parade,
He's gonna pass the test
He's gonna be the best--
The best in terms of pants..."
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Say a little prayer for mister Fancy Pants!
Nice.                                                                                                                                                                                I am better than you 
TooCliched's avatar
Oh I say, I look positively exquisite!
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