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Speedpaint 43 - Photo Finish

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You should do Hoity Toity~
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"Photo finish, that's her name,
Makin everypony pretty is her number one game,
She do what she do, to make you more than you,
Nopony gonna care if what we share is true,

Cuz lies are beautiful, the truth is not,
Come on little mare, you better shake that plot,
You know that's what they really all came to see
A picture perfect pony

Why you gotta ruin everything with questions?
Shut up, tune out, and don't forget to mention
How happy you are that they all came to see you
And how you understand everypony wants to be you"
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Maaan look how much more detailed this is then your very first speedpaint with Twilight!
I'm really impressed how devoted you are to improving your art, just a lovely style! :D
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Yes, I'm happy with how it has been going so far :)
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very lovely work as always :3
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You have captured ze magics with this pic~ Great work as usual :D
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I love how, in my watch list, this was posted in the direction of Trenderhoof.  "My Little Pony: Trendship is... Da Magicks!"
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Looking good, Photo Finish.
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I wonder if Photo Finish has ever photographed something supernatural. That'd make for a really neat episode.
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Hmm, what kinds of things do magical ponies consider "supernatural", I wonder?
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Clouds that move on their own, animals that take care of themselves, plants that grow without help, many things. :D

Bridle Gossip:

Applejack: That's just it, she lives in... the Everfree Forest! [Crash that sounds like a thunderclap]
Twilight Sparkle
: Spike!
: Uh, sorry.
: The Everfree Forest just ain't natural. The plants grow...
: Animals care for themselves...
Rainbow Dash
: And the clouds move...
Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash
: All on their own!
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I'd imagine ghosts still apply as being supernatural, even in the magical land of theirs! 
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*Wants to hug the artist for not forgetting about Photo Finish*

Also, she looks dang serious about this photo shoot.
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