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Speedpaint 38 - Seabreeze

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you know, they say seabreeze is a bot but they make him look like a girl with those lashes.... and the hair...
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"Breezies! Tonight we dine in Tartarus!"
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Seabreeze is best breezie!
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Woah! Amazing work on the expression! :D
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Seabreeze looks great here. Love the way your shading style really give his tail and mane a good sense of volume. :3
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"Urgh! I told you several times! Leave me alone! I'm not interested into any relation! I have a wife and a child that I love and that I can't wait to see again! Leave me alone, you frivolous bee queen!"

Wonderful work
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My pleasure

Someone actually drew him flirted by a bee queen.
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EEEEETTT EEEZ EOUUUVVER NOOIIIIIINNNN TOOOUUUUUUZZEEEEEEENN!!! [Crushes scouter... very discretely... like, you can't even see it in the pic... yeah.]
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Nicely done :)

After adding all the missing speedpaints of yours I keep wondering why I didn't watch you at all ;p Well, duh, it's fixed now.
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Pretty good!

P.S. Do you have Vinyl Scratch's art in your plans?
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
Thank you :3

Yes, I will probably paint her as well.
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Damn, you're getting good at this!
You were outstanding earlier but this is getting crazy!
Excellent work!
Oh, and Babs rocks too!
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