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Speedpaint 33 - Silver Spoon

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Hi i have a question what kind of milkshake flavor is silver spoon drinking :-?

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"Hello, Silver here! Fancy having a 'cake in a cup' with me? I have a couple of spoons we can use."
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"Ahhhh! You're in time, darling! Derpy was kind enough to give us a few of her very special muffins you can put a straw in. You want one? BTW, want some tea to wash it down?"
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Drinkin' a milkshake on a mushroom like the little boss she is.  B)
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You draw the most precious drawings of Silver Spoon! Sigh, looking at her beautiful eyes, I wonder what she's thinking about as she enjoys her milkshake. I love her mane with it's lovely braid and her glasses and pearls add such grace. This is a truly wonderful piece!  :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
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Thank you very much :3
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You are very welcome!  :meow:
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Love that expression. :D
She looks so gallant here!))))
I Can use this picture for RPG forum please?
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Yes, you may use it :)
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A beautiful drawing!

I love!
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Ah Silver Spoon. I was wondering if she was going to show up!
She is sadly less adorable than DT (in my opinion).
Anyways, this is still a great picture! Nice work!
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At first I thought she's drinking muffin ;p
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You think a pony with a spoon cutie mark would use one in conjunction with the straw.
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Good for you, Silver Spoon. I don't share my chocolate milkshakes either.
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It is shown in the Friendship Forever comic #18 (I think) that Silver spoon actually has some compassion for others, but seems to be quite gullible to the influence of Diamond Tiara.
TheAmazingPeanuts's avatar
I don't really see Silver Spoon being gullible in that comic.
PoetBrony's avatar
oops, cited wrong comic. it is the one with the Ponyville history scavenger hunt, where Diamond Tiara employs a private detective.
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What a cute brat filly~ I love that she's using a giant 'shroom as a table =P Nice work as usual~ ...and now you made me want a milkshake xD
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