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Speedpaint 32 - Fleetfoot

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Fleetfoot <3 <3 my favourite Pegasii, aside from Dashie of course heh
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You should make a folder in your gallery for all these incredible speedpaints.
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Hmm, I think about it :D
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Yayz Fleetfoot! My favorite Wonderbolt! Love how you captured her carefreeness and rambunctiousness. :D
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I just realized that Fleetie's look combines both her cartoon and comic looks.
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Fleetfoot! She's awesome! I think she needs more love. Both Spitfire and Soarin get decent show time, but she hardly does anything.
At least in the official comics she gets a moment where she gets a concussion and falls in love with Big Mac. That was awesome.
Anyways, lovely picture for the lovely Fleetfoot! Awesome work! As always!
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Yes, that comic sequence was fun :D

Thank you :3
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I actually somewhat enjoyed the ship too. It was cute X3
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lovely work :3
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Yay Fleet! She needs more attention. :)

I've been a little curious how her name is a saying which contains the word "foot".. if ponies have hooves.. but whatever. :D
(Fleethoof perhaps?)

Great work Karol! I love the scene you've depicted, and the moment you've captured.

Oh.. also, it's great to see her suitless! I wish Spitfire was drawn more without a suit, but unfortunately it's not that popular.
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Thank you :3

I'm happy that you like it :)
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You're welcome.

Yay happiness for all! :D
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Do you have Instagram? bc i think someone might be stealing your artwork
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Oh, is that what Soarin' saw in the last pic? xD Quite funny and cute~ I love that expression! Really nice work :D
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