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Speedpaint 31 - Soarin

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Best ship, soarin X pie

Soarin: *GASP* THEY FOUND OUT!!!!!!

Ah, that special moment when a cute little pony discovers the bronies
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This inspires me to draw Soarin and his pie XD
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I read this fanfiction (a Transformer X MLP) and one part Soarin was going to enjoy a pie, like in the picture above, until 3 Decepticon seekers came trying to shoot him. They shot his pie, Soarin got mad and killed all 3 with the pie tin. Spitfire calls it stupid luck but Soarin calls it a epic win. But at the end, Cloudsdale still got bombed and lost a few hundred ponies but the cons lost 3 because of Soarin. This picture was before that event.
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Well Soarin did get injured, he got shot by a Decepticon with a 50 kal gun into the left wing.
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Can't separate that stallion and his pie.
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Soarin! I love Soarin! Well I love all the wonderbolts, so of course he's included.
I wonder what's going on that could possibly be more interesting than his pie?
Anyways, I really like the lighting and the colors in this picture, and you did a great job with his expression! It's fantastic! Keep it up!
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Really love Soarin's colouring here for some reason :P
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Soarin: Wait! what did you say is in this pie!?!!!!
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MY PIE! *glomps Soarin and falls through the cloud*
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the no suit version would also fit the expression very well.
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no suit version?  I find the difference to be quit different in ones where it might compare the original to the new one.   that and i have not seen that kind of one, at least in your Wonderbolts collection.  BTW I love the shading and expression he is showing.
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Whispers: Soarin, the pie is a lie! Oh Noes 
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"*gasp* You dare accusing me of what?"

Spitfire: Eating my property, glutton!

"I swear I never touched your sandwich, Spit! You know very well I always crave for apple pies! And I had several in my freezer!"

Spitfire: Oh yeah? Then, why the half have been eaten? You are going to tell me a mouse came into my LOCKED office?

"I don't even have a key for your office! Ask Fleetfoot. She looked for you this afternoon."

Spitfire: Huh? I met her last evening and she never mentioned me that. I swear Soarin' that if you just lied to me, I'll put your precious pies on the menu.

"*gasp* N-not the cafeteria? They don't even know how to enjoy them!"

Spitfire: I... What? Uh... Yeah. The cafeteria. If you would excuse me, I have somepone else to chat with.

Wonderful work.
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"What do you mean this is no apple pie?"
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Damn that looks awesome! Great Work again KP!
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