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Speedpaint 29 - Twist

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Never was a fan of her, but she does look super cute here. :)
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Aw Twist! She looks extra adorable here!
I wonder what she does all the time since Apple Bloom found new friends. Maybe the show will have an episode about it?
Anyways, it's looking great!
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oh my GOSH that's a really cute Twist! :D
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Cute Twist! :)
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Cute :3 Gotta love that poofy mane and tail~ Nice work!
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Another lovely thing :D
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"Hmmm... I think I may have found another idea for a new kind of sugar cane. I just hope they will have enough blueberries this season for my tries. Or maybe strawberries? *sigh* A bit overused but that's guaranteed winner. Yep! Let's go back to work. I have so much confection to do."

Wonderful work
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Cute.                                                                                                           Twist Emote 
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Back in season one, I assumed that she would play a moderate role with the CMC. Then she all but vanished.
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Agreed. She had such a significant role in Call of the Cutie that it seems strange that she hasn't done anything of any worth since.
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MA Larson (I think, not sure about that) talked about that on some con: Twist's voice actress moved away from Vancouver, and therefor the writers were told not to give her speaking roles anymore.
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Wow! That explains a lot, actually. At least now I can put my questions to rest.
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Hooray for Twist!
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Yay!  Twist is my lil' pal.  Good to see her.  :>
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