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Speedpaint 21 - Bon Bon

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Horses do eat apples, so do I, Bon Bon.

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Enjoying alll the free apples eh?
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New Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops looks pretty here, and I'm glad to see she here with all those yummy apples. Excellent job. I like apples too.:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
Wael-sa's avatar
Oh you're welcome.:) (Smile) 
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I didn't put those in my bag
redheadbros's avatar
Omigosh I get it now
redheadbros's avatar
I've been staring at it for like 2 minutes on and off
dragonoz's avatar
I didn't put those in my bag
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I would've though she would be stockpiling on sweets, not apples xD
idrawspony's avatar
ahh sweet! ^^ (The apple and her! ;P )
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O.O So she DID put those in her bag!
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"Sweetie Drops", attempting to stalk the Bugbear, once created an apple stockpile high enough to peer into the Everfree.  A major advantage to this approach was that she could sustain herself during the stakeout instead of compromising her identity and getting meals downtown.
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Well, this would be the right place for Apple Jack! ^^
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So many apples. She should have made a pie. I guess a bed made of apples works too.

I love the face she's making while eating the apple. XD
Good job!
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I love it. She's clearly a friend of the Apple family, so why not draw her eating apples? Looks like Apple Bloom's stupidity paid off in the end.
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cute nomming dem apples ^_^
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BonBon is eating The Apples...
              Clapping Pony Icon - Sweetie Drops/BonBon 
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