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Speedpaint 16 - Trixie

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The Great and Powerfull Pony!
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Mmmm Trixie...
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That is a very pretty and confident Trixie :D
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She looks so great and powerful up on that stage.
Cause she's awesome!

Really nice work! Keep it up! I know I say this a lot, but I love the stuff you do!
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Thank you :3

Well, I'm happy that you like them all.
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Great and powerfull Drawing :D!
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Trixie's stage looks great. Oh, Trixie's right there? Didn't notice. Just drawn in awe, nothing more. {Great work! -thumbs up- Keep your unique streak rollin'.}
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Beautifully drawn!! :love:
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You're very welcome, my dear friend! :aww: :hug:
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I love seeing artworks of Trixie, I think she is an awesome pony :meow:
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The first pony I ever hated.
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no problem :D (Big Grin) Meow :3 Love Heart mmmm books... Herr Llama Emperor Herr Llama Emperor Tight Hug Turbo poke Pat pat TV Party 
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Great work as usual! Love the expressions on these speedpaints, you've portrayed Trixie's confidence perfectly :D
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Is there any doubt she knows she's great & awesome?
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This one and the Mayor Mare one are my favourite speedpaints so far, really good.
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Great and Wonderful pic.
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