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Speedpaint 10 - Scootaloo

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Heyo! I am sorry to inform you that someone else is claiming this as their work…
That same person also claimed one of your Rarity paints as theirs
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Thank you for exposing the witch. Now thy shall be burned for thy crimes of plagiarism, under the respect and mercy of thy lord. Amen

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BEautiful work
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You did it. babygirl, you're flying! I love the wonder in her lovely eyes as soars through the clouds! Great coloring too. Scootaloo's color palette looks perfect against the bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds. Wonderful work! :heart::heart::heart:
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You are most welcome! :aww:
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At long last! Scootaloo, you took to the air :D!
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Heh I always put off commenting until a few pictures stack up. I dunno why.
I'm weird that way. I procrastinate everything. XD

Anyways, lovely picture as always! You're so good at these!
These certainly don't look like speedpaints. They're way too good. XD
You're fabulous

Hopefully one day Scootaloo learns to fly
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Wow. Now THAT is a great Scootaloo!
Nice job Karol!
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You're welcome. :)
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The one I've been waiting for! Such a scute Scutes!*

*Not like I had any doubts, you excel in adorable ponies.
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I'm happy that you like them
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Is this real, or is it a dream? Cause, I want to see the day when Scoots flies, and watch as she fans over flying with Rainbow Dash.
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OMQ! She's flying!
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Scootaloo is best cmc
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