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Soarin wants YOU!

For the Wonderbolts that is, of course... nothing else, nope, ... like eating pies or ... going on a tour around Cloudsdale, sorry...
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*bilnks three times* no soarin no No!!!!
YoshiRingo's avatar
Bawww he's so cute X3
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Roflmao-the-Clown's avatar
Considering I'm an earth pony, I don't really see how I could be a Wonderbolt, but anything to get closer to Soarin.  huehuehue
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
:iconrdeyeflutterplz:-What a sexy stud of a COLT!I'd slam that!
Maximunex's avatar
Nope , sorry but I'm heterosexual.
rainbowpup23's avatar
:iconrainbowdashblushplz:  m-me????? i wub u to soarin!!!!! yes i would love to get married!!!! and!!! and--  

:iconsaddashplz:                 oh......
generalpokemon's avatar
Soarin!!! I love love lovey love you!!!!
BlackGryph0n's avatar
Sorry Soarin... I'm straight.
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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool<3
Kyoshyu's avatar
SatoYuki3654's avatar
i love it XD for some reason i find it wierd tht i started fangirling over it a little
p1nkam3na's avatar
HE WANT THE P. (P for pie.)
The-Nuclear-Pegasus's avatar
Makes me wanna give him a bear hug.^^
iIsMe95's avatar
I'm pretty sure he's just checking out the pie I have...
Boubacat's avatar
That's beautiful!! Great job!!! :D
4ScarfAce4's avatar
The Wonderbolts? Okay, I guess I'm in.
DeJiKo07's avatar
Soarin' looks handsome here!
pancake-ss's avatar
no no STOP i choked on my apple pie flavored gum! D,: thas mah baby... x//3
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