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Wallaroo's avatar
This one... reminds me of the screaming that was done in
the Shakespeare's Sister song, "I Don't Care".
FusionFlyer's avatar
Oh Rarity, what is it with you and falling through the sky at extremely high speeds?
I'll get Rainbow..
Dawnpath's avatar
Rip in pieces?
mksub-zero's avatar
HOLD ON RARITY *skydives towards her*
SoulfulMirror's avatar… <-- Really fit the picture.
Ps: Pls dun kill me.
ZeroNitroMan's avatar
I can't kill ya, if even that's what I am wanting for now. Reason? That clip definitely finished me off. c:
DuplexFields's avatar
KP: I've added this pic as a header image on one of the short stories in my FimFiction anthology.  Let me know if you want it taken down.  IMO it's an amazing picture, and absolutely perfect for depicting that story.
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
Don't worry, it's all right :)

I'm happy that you like it that much :3
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Noooooooooo...!!! :noes: :noes: :noes:
MacyIsHere's avatar
:iconrarityplz: i knew i forgot something... 
awsomeflutterdash's avatar
cause im freeeeeeee!!! free faaalllinn!!! free fallin imma, free fallin!
awsomeflutterdash's avatar
thats a song by the way
fishwane's avatar
Ahhhh!!!, Nooo, ill save you rarity!!!
SolarFlare-Kage's avatar
"This is NOT Skydiving. I am simply falling with sophistication."
Kyoshyu's avatar
She does not seem too thrilled.
mistypine01's avatar
Freefalling is more like it.
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
Woah. I like the way her mane is colored. And yay for pec lines
Dotterall's avatar
Ha, great expression!
GySGtGibbs's avatar
"And I'm Free... Free Fall-ing... And I'm Free... Free Fall-ing!"
FeatherWishMLP's avatar
lol Rarity looks like she's having fun XD
BrutalityInc's avatar
"Not agaaaaaaaaaaaain!!!"
nati11184's avatar
You really like blue-haired Rarity, don't you? xD
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