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Royal Loop De Hooping

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Applebloom looks bored; that's how skilled she is.

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spike you little jerk

this is hilarious and cute

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I like the art style used here and Twilight's expression makes her look cute.

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Twilight is not amused.
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So Cool i really like the work you put in this one.
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This is so awesome! What a fun beach scene. Wonderful work.
You really make the characters look great!
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Thank you :D
I'm happy that you like it :3
am I the only one who thinks Luna and Celestia are cutest with ponytails?
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Cuteness overload!
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i love how Applebloom is putting literally no effort into spinning her hoop XD
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What an adorable and cute scene! There is also a lot of detail, fantastic job!
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Omg I love my little pony and I'm a young adult but I'm still and always will be a kid at heart
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Love this piece of the Princesses and the Crusaders having some beach time together!!!! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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This is some amazing work, well done. I've got to say, I'm absolutely in love with those expressions.

One must wonder, though, why would the royalty bring the CMC on vacation?
And why would anyone bring Spike anywhere?  :iconfluttershyeyerollplz:
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Thank you very much :3
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Apple Bloom: They are all casuals.
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