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Rope Time

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Yippie kay yay, motherbucker. ^_^
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"Wonder Woman ain't got nothin' on me!"
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marvelous!! XD
haha that pose looks...a little strange XD, but is great!
love how applejack use the lasso! =3
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Applejack was so awesome in that episode! :D Her power pony suit looks freaking awesome! I would laugh if she ends up lassoing herself XD Anyways, amazing job! 
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Oh no! She's going to lasso me! Its so horrible and not a turn on at all!
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Great job! X3 It looks lovely <33
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You're welcome! ^_^
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Yee-haw! She knows how to pull off that rope alright. :)
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So ... sparks flying around her?
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She's simply mare-velous.
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Still three to go...not that this is a waste of time or anything; it's awesome. She has such bright eyes for a rough'n tumble crimefighter.
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Permission to hug?
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*runs up to the Apple Jack that is standing on two hooves with arms open and wraps arms around Apple Jack's cute little.body. * 

does Apple Jack return the hug?
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At first glance I thought it said "Rape Time".
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