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Rarity WTF?

You... burned... the juice ?
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I really like her eyes!
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Talking to Derpy I presume
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Love it, dat look u.u.
Good job
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ermahgerd. i laughed so hard at this, i can tell you now. Very well done. keep it up ^^
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:iconsweetiebelleplz: Nope, TOAST!!
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epic rarity is epic, is that a brush, paint, or airbrush you're using, very smooth~
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Hi, thanks :)

I painted this in SAI mostly with the marker tool, i think (it was a while ago and i was experimenting a lot to figure out how to use SAI)
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that dang marker...i really need to learn how to use that, thx for telling me~
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Spike, what are you doing?
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Dumb juice, so flammable.
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Made me smile : D
Looks a bit like filly Rarity there.
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This made me chuckle.

I love that face. xD
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I like her eyes. :3
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She just saw Pinkie's outfit. XD
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"Aw, HELLL naw. >:U"

I love the coloring! Very lovely. :D
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Her expression is just so... perfect!
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her expression, its priceless
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Oh no, what did Sweetie Belle do now? Her curiosity and anger are showing very nicely together. There's a lot of nice shading detail, plus really nice work on her eyes, for a "quick" painting.
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