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Rarity Sketches #4

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Amazing..! Really masterful work!
4th from the left is my favorite, so incredibly cute and making you want to teleport there so bad...
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Oh my gosh, this is incredible. You've completely mastered this (as far as I'm concerned). I absolutely loooove the anatomy and expressions, and your perspectives are amazing
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I'm happy that you like them - thank you :3
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Oh, thank you. Also, i wish, that you someday meet you favorite pony. You deserve it on 100%.
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#1 is very relevant.

#2 also became relevant in S4E03

Now we lack #4 to become relevant. That would be sooooo awesome.
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I love rarity :love:
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In color is even better. This is awesome!
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(from right to left)

5)  It WAS quite a dream.
4)  I was lying on my boutique floor, looking up at the ceiling.
3)  Then all of a sudden, I fell through this giant hole!
2)  I landed on my feet,thankfully, but the ground was all muddy.
1)  I went to go dip my hooves in a nearby puddle, and it turns out the puddle was a lot deeper than I thought. (and the ground was STILL muddy!)
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wow you turned it into a story bravo!
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her mouth is gray did she eat the clay when she fell .-.
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I see you colored these, but her mouth is just gray
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Oh, I missed that part :D
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Hard to tell,  but looks like her butt tattoos are purple when they should be blue.  just a quick coloring? The coloring reminds me of the one color the first pokemon games had.
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