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Rarity - Pose 1

* Uh, would you boys mind pulling our carriage to the Gala? *

The animation can be controlled with the arrow keys (It may be necessary to click on it first)

Made in Zbrush, Maya, Aftereffects and Flash.

A stereoscopic version is here: [link]

Model downloads are available here: [link]
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This looks so awesome! :D
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it's so charming rarity!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love Love 
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.gif version Oo?
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How do you make these!?
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These models were made in Maya and Zbrush.
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Okay thanks TheDancingKitten 
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Oh! Stunning! I actually like the gradient in the mane and tail. That looks kinda cool. Wow, she's gorgeous! I love the glossy finish on the mane and tail too, it makes the mane and tail more fun to look at and with Rarity I can see that would fit her too, I can see her with a mane and tail that would shine.
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<font><font class="">а можно делать  такие фигурки?</font></font>
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Wow your work is amazing.
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Rarity is the best :3

What? No one ELSE say it......
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I really wish one of these were made for me of my ponysona :) but I know it takes a lot of hard work to make there any kind of tutorial in order to turn it into a three-D kind of thing like this?
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
There are several 3d programs and tons of tutorials for them :)
KarmanDuBois's avatar
Okay! Thanks for the advice :D
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Are your fabulous models compatible with 3D printing?
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Nice face-posing on this rarity. She's looking very smug :3
Cillias's avatar
Give us a tutorial TT-TT i don't even know how to begin in maya! TT-TT
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
Check out the "Digital Tutors" website. Many of the basic tutorials can be watched for free. They should get you started. :)

If you want to model something specific, it is useful to set up image planes in the scene with reference images that show the object at least from the side and from the front. This way you can easily match your model to the source design.
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wow, thank you! :) the website looks awesome :la: my boyfriend loves to work with imageplanes,i should ask him :heart:
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Congratz! That's awesome
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