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Raincloud on the loose

It doesn't make any sense - But hey, we're on the beach, that's all that matters... :D

Take a deep breath and wave it away...

:iconjlun2: Jlun2 wrote:
The cloud, having gained sentience, decided to take revenge among the winged ones for pushing them down all the time. Unfortunately for Cadance, she was the only pony with wings at the beach that time.
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She looks so disappointed...
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LOL Reminds me as well at the one "Pocoyo" episode as at the one "Laban The Little Ghost" episode with the same "problem". There´s a "Nouky And Friends" episode either. Considering this, it ain´t that new at all. :-) Cute idea nonetheless. ^^
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Hahahh! Poor Cadence!!! Her expression!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Also, is that Raincloud from Friendship is Witchcraft? I thought it was dead... :O :O :O
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her face is priceless
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Ha ha, amazing! Love her expression... just amazing I am a dummy! 
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haha dat face...even though she is my fav princess...these pics make it all the better
Much Cadence,Such beauty
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Would you mind if I feature this in :iconsketch-ponies: ?

All of your art is so beautiful but for some reason this one sticks out to me. I'm not even a massive Cadence fan but her expression is adorable.
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Yes, you may do that - thank you very much :3

I'm happy that you like this piece :)
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Haha aww, poor Cadance. This is really cute :)
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Poor Cadence.  The sole victim or a rogue weather attack.
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Cadance: Shining?
Shining Armor: Yes, my l- Huh? What the..
Cadance: Do you have any idea how that cloud appeared over my head?
Shining Armor: Uh.... nope. But it is better not be Rainbow Dash...
Cadance: She didn't come today.... and I haven't seen a single pegasus here so far...
Shining: Strange....
Cadance: Shining! Please, do something. I risk to get a cold with all that water...
Shining: Uh... want an umbrella? What was I thinking.... stupid. Uh... get that parasol for now. I'll ask Twily for help on this case....
Cadance: Okay. *Holds the parasol over her head* Good. At least I won't get more wet.... but it won't resolve this problem....
Shining gallops in the direction of her sister who was reading as usual, sitted on a towel under a parasol.
Twilight: Hello Shining!
Shining: Hello Twily. Would you help me about a little problem we have?
Twilight: Huh? What's wrong?
Shining: See by yourself. *point a hoof in the direction of Cadance*
Twilight: What? But I didn't see a pegasus all day! That's very unusual....
Twilight put her book on the towel before trotting in the direction of her alicorn sister.
Twilight: Hello Cadance.
Cadance: Hello Twilight. Did Shining explained it to you?
Twilight: No need. Just by looking at it, you have cloud problem. How peculiar...
Cadance: Please Twilight. Do you have any idea what may have caused this?
Twilight: Mmmmm... Give me a minute... I *groan* need to stretch my wings a bit and....
The cloud stopped raining.
Cadance: Huh? It stopped?
Twilight: What?
Shining: How come?
The cloud was moving over Twilight and when it was over her, the rain began to fall again.
Twilight: Gahhh!! What the...
Cadance: Quick! Here! Take the parasol! *hands over the parasol*
Twilight: *takes the parasol in her hooves* Thanks! Woah. Now, that's very strange...
Shining: Yeah. Why it is raining on you now, Twily?
Twilight: I have no idea! It stopped when I was stretching my wings and....
Cadance: Yes. It stopped while you were doing it.
Shining: And why not over me?
Twilight: The wings! Shining has no wings like us.
Shining: Well, I'm not a princess like both of you. Maybe it's the reason that...
Twilight: Nah. It's probably related to the wings. Ummmm.... Only pegasi has wings too and since none are here today, so....
Cadance: It went over me?
Twilight: Exactly! Maybe it thinks we are pegasi.
Cadance: Why? Why is it..... no. First, how come this cloud can move by itself?
Twilight: You're right! How come it can move without the help of pega-
Shining: I don't know any spell that would make it sentient. Do you?
Twilight: I have a theory.... but it may sound crazy but...
Cadance: Do tell.
Twilight: What if... this cloud became so angry to be moved around by pegasi that it got a grudge against them.
Cadance: You are right. It sounds crazy.
Shining: What makes you think that's possible?
Twilight: We can use magic.... remember? And if I'm not wrong.... *trots away* It will move if I move... *the cloud was following Twilight and stayed over head* Or even run.... *gallops* *stops* It still follows everywhere! I don't want this in my library... It will make my books wet!
Cadance: I wonder now... How come it follows you and not me...
Twilight: Do you really want it over your head again? I don't mind if you do...
Cadance: Nonono! I'm fine and... *sigh* We need to get rid of that cloud.
Shining: And fast.
Cadance: Why?
Shining: The cloud is getting bigger!
Twilight: What?
Cadance: Do.. do you have any brillant idea Twilight?
Twilight: I.... I don't know.... I never got a problem like this! Even less a weather problem! *sigh* We need Rainbow Dash.
Shining: How can we contact her?
Twilight: I can't sent a letter to her anyway. Seems to me... that magic is the answer.
Cadance: Do you have a plan?
Twilight: I'm going to send a ray to dissipate it... but I'll need you to... be the cloud's target again..... sorry.
Cadance: *sigh* Fine. *opens her wings* Here... cloudy cloudy.
The cloud stopped raining over Twilight.... but continued again but with more violence.
Twilight: WHAT?!?!
Shiniing: Huh?
Cadance: How come it didn't work?
Twilight: I have not friggin idea! But that cloud.... is..getting... on... my... nerves!
Twilight's horn was glowing. She got rid of the parasol over her head and the rain got in her eyes. But she closed them and concentrated. Then, suddenly, a crimson ray of light shot from her horn in the direction of the cloud and dissipated it a instant. Twilight was breath heavy.
Twilight: THERE! YOU STUPID....
Cadance: It worked! You made it Twilight!
Shining: Nice work little sis.
Twilight: Great! Problem solved. I'm going home now.
Cadance: But why? It is such a beautiful day and the sun is far to set...
Shining: Yeah, Twily. Why do you leave?
Twilight: I'd like to. But I need to notice this to princess Celestia and....
Cadance: You know it can wait. Come on.... let's dry ourselves under the sun...
Twilight: I guess you're right. Let's enjoy this day!
Later that day, at the library.
Twilight: Ahhh! What a wonderful day we had at the beach. What's wrong Spike?
Spike: *grumble*
Twilight: I told you that they only invited me. I needed you to clean the library, which you did wonderfully.
Spike: *grumble*
Twilight: I promise to bring you to the beach next time. I'm sure that Rarity would like to come too.
Spike: You promise? You really promises? *Twilights nod* You think that Rarity will come too?
Twilight: I'm pretty sure and.... Since when it is raining outside?
Spike: Uh... I didn't noticed until you told me...
Twilight: Huh! How come..
*Lighning crash! Thunder rumbles*
Twilight: Ahhhh! There was not thunderstorm scheduled for today....
Spike: Do you know what is even more weird? It is only raining over the library!
Twilight: What?!?! Oh no.....
Spike: What's wrong? Do you have an idea how it can be possible?
Twilight: I made the cloud even angrier and now it is try to get revenge on.... me!
Spike: Huh? A cloud can't get revenge on a pony! Are you...
Twilight: Trust me on this one.... It can happens...
Spike: That sound strange... mostly coming from you... What are you doing at the windows?
Twilight: Calling help....
Spike: Help? Who could help us?

Yeah. Pretty long, huh? Inspired by your wonderful piece. I hope you like it.
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Yes, nice work :)
Thank you :meow:
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My pleasure.

I'm happy that you like it.
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You are realy good at this
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Thank you very much.

I appreciate your good words.
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how do you come up with such amazing story ideas...:T
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Simple. I think about the situation, what story I could get from it and I improvise. This one was a bit tough, tough.

I'm glad that you liked it. Thanks for the kind words.
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Wow, Rainbow Dash must really hate her  8-)
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