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Princess Sunset - Year One

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Sunset looks so beautiful!

Great work!

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So pretty gorgeous and beautiful one of Sunset

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Sunset Shimmer Fall Formal Princess . . Year 1!  So great!
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She looks beautiful! Nice work! 👑🌅❤❤💛💛
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You're welcome! 👍😉
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She looked almost surprised there on that first photo, even genuinely thankful and bashful - like it's the first time she felt liked. The time her true self shone through, I say. She looks a little bit less so and more... well, like a villain in this redraw, but still a much understated one compared to the other photos. And it's a very fine drawing as is.
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Sunset Shimmer, to me, is the best thing to happen to the franchise. If I had to pick only one favorite, it would always be her. What I love about this is how pure and innocent she looks as she started out in the human world. Those big bright eyes and sweet smile radiate pure joy. She looks like a Greek goddess in her dress and I really love those earrings. I just wish I could hug her, she's so sweet! Fantastic job!  :heart::heart::heart:
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You are most welcome!  :aww:
I think this was the Human-World Sunset, NOT the Pony-World Sunset.
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That's actually a great theory. I like it. 

But I still favor mine that there's only one Sunset Shimmer, the "World Walker"
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A crown she earns. :)
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Aww ^_^  it's so nice to see her in the first year.. She seemed so sweet and innocent.  She has a bit of a disney like air about her on this one. <3
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Y'know, based on how she looks in her freshman year photo (that you wonderfully redrew), I'm guessing she was just happy that people liked her. It was probably only later that she saw controlling people was easier that working hard to give them a reason to like you...
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That's the idea I got too.
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This reminds me so much of her being a Disney Princess because of the style xD
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Love the whole series, but this is my favorite of the bunch.
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