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Pony 3D PDF Files

Here are links to 3d PDF Files that contain my pony models.

This way you can view, zoom and rotate them without any additional 3d programs.
All you need is the Adobe Reader version 8.1.2 or newer.


. rotate - hold the left mouse button and drag
. zoom - hold the right mouse button and drag up and down
. pan - hold CTRL and the left mouse button and drag

PDF Links (For the moment, they can be found in the Scraps section)

. pose 0 -…
. pose 1 -…

. pose 0 -…
. pose 1 -…

Pinkie Pie
. pose 0 -…
. pose 1 -…

Rainbow Dash
. pose 0 -…
. pose 1 -…

. pose 0 -…
. pose 1 -…

. pose 0 -…
. pose 1 -…

Celestia -…
Luna -…
Trixie -…

Derpy Pose 0 -…
Lyra Pose 0 -…
Bonbon Pose 0 -…


3D Prints are available on (in collaboration with Vidalcris)

Downloads of the model files are available
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Nothing is working
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can you please renew the links? they aren't working.
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I'll fix them soon - for now, they can all be found in the "scraps" section.
Sadly, it looke like the links are no longer working. Any chance for updated URLs?
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could you make a full texture for the all in one for rainbow dash? :D (pose0)

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Impressive. Are you able to create your own characters? If interested, let me know, I'll send a note, reguarding whats on mind, we can discuss things from there. TY.
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Thank you :3

I'm sorry, but I'm not interested.
wilnet1tractor's avatar
TY for replying @ least.
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More in particularly Bon Bon and Lyra, but some of these 3D model ponies look 'extremely' familiar to my own 3D model ponies which I made with Blender back in late 2010...
ImSnowBlind's avatar
sculpting or ...?
what method you use?
PS how you do hair?
(sorry for bad english)
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These models were made in Maya and Zbrush.
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как такие делать?
AllytheWolffy98's avatar
does this work in SFM?
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You can find a SFM pack here:…

(although there may be more recent versions around)
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woud these work for mmd?
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Yes, there is a link to mmd versions in the description here:
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Is there a PDF Toolkit that allows for viewing, rotating and zooming PDF files without using Adobe Reader or other assemblies? I have ever googled  such a product, but I haven't used the trial version to evaluate the toolkit yet. Does anyone want to try it?

PDF Processing
PDF Viewer
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Do you have any base models?
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The 3D prints doesn't exist anymore, and I wanted one for my birthday, in 10 days ;_;
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