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Oh Dear!

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That's right Rarity... your mane... is--
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Reactions like this are why Rarity is empirically the best pony.  Empirically.  You can't argue with math like this!
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She found a gem that's bigger than the Master emerald. And this time it's not a Discord trick.
Dr-InSean's avatar
Unfortunately, there's a fabulous bat already calling dibs on it.
HectorNY's avatar
And the bat is Discord in disguise.
Dawnpath's avatar
What did she see this time? XD
Dr-InSean's avatar
Twilight wearing white after Workhorse Day.

The girl's got the looks, but it seems like she's not even trying sometimes.
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Beautiful! I love your art style! 
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Rarity's reaction when she understood that she was pregnant... xD
PrincessEmbraceMLP's avatar
Or, when she found out she was a marshmallow. XD :iconraritymarshmallowplz:
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"Of all the worst possible things that could happen, this is the, worst! Possible! Thing!"
Immediately the sound effect from popped into my head upon seeing this. xD
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Spike..what are you doing...
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
Oh my gosh I love this expression.
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Oh Dear, the colors clash!
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Woah, this is wonderful. Colours look amazing and shading is awesome. Her mane looks gorgeous. Also her expression is great : DD.
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