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Nightmare Moon Portrait

Guess who's up for a midnight snack.
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I think the gel look is fitting to the picture. The highlights and little stars in her mane look unclean but that's the best of this picture. The eyes have little detail yet they give a big effect to the picture in its own way. Myself I am wanting the skills of others especially this chick. When you see a picture you think wow. Keep up the awesome work. I do want to see more Nightmare moon pictures from the bronies like this. The quote she wort makes me laugh and too because of the smile and her expression. Awesome Job!
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Thank you for your critique :)
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no problem!I love your art!
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I like look of the eyes look great.
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this is the picture i love the most from all of yours 
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Wow tis this be a wonderful work of art
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i hate to be asking u over and over again if i can use these pictures for a base and wutnot, but would it be ok if i just said it was originally ur picture?
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
Yes, that's would be all right :)
Demonic-Deer's avatar
I found this on google and I'm currently using it as a background for my ipad ^v^
MissNightmares's avatar
excuse i use this as my skype photo?
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
Yes, you may use it :)
your-good-at-art's avatar
oh my goodness i love this i am going to critique!
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Wow. This picture makes me (almost!) like her more than Luna. How the hair just sort of emanates out of the helmet, and her smile banishes every thought she was evil to the moon!
DarkShadowguardian's avatar
Wow awsome nice work.
Lightning-Blue's avatar
Incredible work. I love the depth of colours you've used - actually makes me not hate Nightmare Moon!
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
I'm happy that you like this picture :)
statoose's avatar
Wow, so shiny! :D
DarthWill3's avatar
WAR59's avatar
just got the idea that she should get braces xD
:squee::squee:That would be so epic!!:squee::squee:
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