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Nice Catch!



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The artwork was absolutely wonderful.
the comedic touch to the picture, and the pinkie-pie frisbee that landed for some apparent reason on celestias horn, made her spill her drink and drop it on the magazine she was reading. holy pony this was a picture that made me LMFO (Laugh my flank off).

from the artistic perspective, it should be on the louvre, right next to the mona lisa, as this painting is just masterfully designed and painted. also, pinkie pie doesnt look like she's happy when she's actually supposed to be. that adds a little grain of fear to what celestia might do to them for this unexpected event.

also, the originality is... 100%. i gotta give it that.

as said, this painting is a masterpiece and should have its own spot in the louvre. preferrably next to the mona lisa.