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These fillies sure know how to have an enjoyable recess...

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Not sure if KP is still watching, but... Is okay to share the image as long as we give the source?

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I think spoiled rich is going to faint when she sees her daughter but she would completely deserve it

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rare photo of german and french WW1 soldiers fighting outside of the trenches
(i love this art, good work)
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It's interesting that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are doing well in this mud fight, I guess Earth ponies have a natural talent for ground battles, even mud fights. LOL!
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And Silver Spoon is the best at mud fights :D
This is extremely cute!!! Agree with previous posters, it looks like a comic cover for sure. Thank you for sharing with us!
I used your art as cover for my story. (The quality was just too amayzing to pass on).

Link -…

I hope you won't mind.
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It's all right :)

(I'm sorry for the late reply :O )
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Silver and Scoots are shifting into having fun, AB and DT are trying to kill each-other, and Sweetie is just wondering how she got into this mess.
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I'm impressed at how well Diamond Tiara's doing in this fight. I never would've expected her to be able to hold her own in any physical sort of battle but despite being well off in terms of money, Diamond Tiara's tougher then she looks I guess. She's channeling her inner Earth pony here....
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Rarity is going to flip her Sh*t when she sees sweetiebell
Must be an election year at Ponyville Elementary.
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This is one of the most beautiful pieces of MLP artwork I've ever seen! It should be a cover of one of the comic books, it's so good. The colors are so clean and vibrant and everypony is so well drawn. :love:

I want to start with my favorites! I love Scootaloo and Silver Spoon with a passion and it's hard to choose between them. Silver Spoon is the winner in this piece though, in more than one way. I just love her zeal as she gets down and dirty stomping the other girls in the mud. I'm guessing Sweetie Belle was her first victim and now poor Scootaloo is eating the mud pie of defeat. Her expression is precious and it shows that there is so much more to her. She's just gorgeous and I love her braid. I love Scootaloo's indignant grimace and I think she takes a hit with style as she falls backwards. Sweetie Belle's eyes are so beautiful and I really feel for the poor filly. Lastly, Applebloom and Diamond Tiara look wonderful and are definitely playing for keeps. Diamond Tiara looks good even covered in mud and I love her eyes. Applebloom is an adorable ball of rage. You did an excellent job all around from the ponies to the background and the mud! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
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You just got a new watcher :) nice job
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CMC lose even 3 vs 2. Losers!
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A valiant fight. And somepony is having too much fun here. ;p

And on the other hand, Sweetie does not agree. :)
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I feel like Silver could really let loose if it came to this. :D
no one beats applebloom at mud wrasslen'
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This is SO amazing! It's very clean and very colorful, this is going in my favorites.
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.... There REALLY needs to be an intervention for this fighting these 5 fillies have.
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