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Lyra - Pose 0

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The animation can be controlled with the arrow keys (It may be necessary to click on it first)

Made in Zbrush, Maya, Aftereffects and Flash.

Model downloads are available here: [link]
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I would cut off my hands for to please the Lyra if she could only be reeelll
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Definitely better than the SFM models... maybe you should make new versions of those.
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I've searched a bit, but I can't seem to find MLP models that would work in 3DS Max 2015. :/
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Wow. I really like this one, how long do they generally take you to make?
Is it possible for you to use them in programs like Source Film maker? or are they just models without bones?
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Thank you :)
All in all I have been working on the models and renders for about three months back in 2011.

You can get a gmod/sfm pack here:…
(although there is probably a more recent version out there somewhere)
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Heh wow, that's a long time, I'd say the effort paid off for sure.

Thanks :D
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This one is not as shiny as the others.
Rhythm-is-best-pony's avatar
Wow did you do request? :O
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
No, I'm sorry, I don't take requests.
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What's with the lip?
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I just love your modlings!

Can I just ask you something : are those animable? If yes, would you allow me to see the face mesh? I'm working on my final work for my bachelor degree and my characters (teddy bears) look a bit like MLP's basic face...
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Thank you :)

No they are not rigged for animation. And I also wasn't too concerned with optimal topology for it when I made them.

You can download them here: [link]

But there are the modified versions that were made for Gmod and the Source Film Maker. Those are rigged and optimized. Maybe you can use them for reference.
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Do you know where I could find those versions?
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
Hmm, I haven't kept track of all the modifications. You'll have to try google :)
bdec's avatar
Thanks for your help! (Too much work, I didn't got the time to say it to you! Lol!)
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Spetsnaz-Marksman's avatar
Great work once again!
Kahum's avatar
No entiendo como es que no hacen un juego teniendo estos impresionantes diseños.
A-Dawg13's avatar
Whoa... that's pretty legit :D
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