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Luna at the beach



This one is available on shirts at - Officially licensed and approved by Hasbro!

:iconcajobif: Cajobif wrote:

Luna: Huzzah! Aren't we the prettiest princess of the beach?
Twilight: Princess Luna? Aren't you supposed to sleep at this time of the day?
Luna: Why yes, but we are not going to leave all the beach fun our my big sister, are we? And.... *yawns* we are not feeling... this tired...
Twilight: Oh! Okay then. I thought you'd may like that chaise longue I had for you for taking a nap...
Luna: Let us see... Oh! This is quite confortable and..... *flop* zzzzzzzz
Celestia: Poor Luna. It's the same everytime we come here. Let's just let her sleep a bit for now. I'll wake her up later.

Twilight: Are you sure? She may be upset.
Celestia: Oh Twilight. After an hour or two she'll be fine. Until then..... I'm the prettiest princess of the beach! *giggles*
Twilight: Uh... you do you remember than I and Cadance are here, too? We can be the prettiest too.
Celestia: Then... may the competition begins.
Twilight: W-what?
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So cute!

*giggles and hugs her*