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Luna - Pose 1

Princess Luna from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV show.

The animation can be controlled with the arrow keys (It may be necessary to click on it first)

Made in Zbrush, Maya, Aftereffects and Flash.

A stereoscopic version is here:[link]

Model downloads are available here: [link]
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This model is really really good!

You should work with "A little bit different" team on "Ambient.white" game. This model is amazing.
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nice !!!! my character favorite ! She is beautiful !
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Are these something you could use on a 3D printer?
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
Yes, that is possible :)
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Seriously, There like thoughts 3D pony animations, exepy they look more real and cartoon like (and less creepy)
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can i open it on blender
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Yes, you can import the obj files into blender.
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Do they work in Maya?
chibinekogirl102's avatar
Yay :D If I figure out all those files XD
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Woah, this is so awesomely done, especially since this was made in 2011 :o
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I didn't even realize the models were made by you! :o
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I have to say, that is a wonderful looking model It's not easy to translate a 2D model and make it look accurate in the 3D model. The only thing that bothers me is the lipstick. I know it's just the inside of the mouth, but it looks off putting. I would be really curious to see how the models would play out in a scene and see what the movement would look like.
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that is so cool is it possible you could do a sunset shimmer one that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO COOL
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
Thanks :3

I'm sorry, but I don't make 3d models anymore.
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Hey, is it possible to get a "animated wallpaper" version from this. Just love the glow effect c:
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