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They were delicious!

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:iconkobrakin: Kobrakin wrote [link] :

:iconprincesslunaplz: ...And that is the tale of how we earned our banishment a thousand years ago!
:icondashnotconviced1plz: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What? What about all that eternal night stuff!?
:iconpinkiepienoesplz: You ate ALL the cookies!?
:icontwilighthuhplz: But...but the book said...
:iconprincesslunashyplz: Oh! Do forgive us, friends! We did not mean to befuddle you. It is indeed true that we attempted to bring about night eternal as Nightmare Moon, but our sister stopped us with the Elements of Harmony. Afterwards, we felt quite miffed at her for foiling our plans, so we devoured her secret supply of cookies in retaliation! Unfortunately, this proved to be the final test for our sister's patience, and she banished us upon discovering our crime.
:iconfluttershyshyplz: Oh my...that sounds just...awful!
:iconpinkiepiewaitwutplz: ...ALL the cookies?!
:iconapplejackuh-huhplz: Uh...begin' yer pardon, yer Highness, but that seems a mite...far fetched?
:iconraritygangstaplz: Applejack! Manners! Do forgive her, your Highness. It's just that a thousand years of banishment does seem rather...severe for a simple cookie theft.
:iconlunamlpplz: Make no mistake, friends. Our sister is as benevolent and forgiving as any being in the multiverse, but feast on her cookies at thine own peril! Since my return, she keeps them in a specially crafted adamantium cookie jar, emblazoned with her cutie mark, and engraved with antimagic runes only she can bypass. One would need to bend the laws of reality itself to abscond with the treats within. Though, if such a feat were possible, I imagine that to steal even a single coveted cookie would merit at least a decade of banishment for the perpetrator!
:iconnervouspinkieplz: Wait...cookie jar...cutie mark...Um, Princess, does she keep it in the pantry? Behind the flour, on the top shelf?
:iconlunachallengeplz: Pinkamena Pie! How dost thou know of the secret location of our sister's most prized foodstuffs!?
:iconmakeitstoppinkieplz: Well, um, I was hungry, and you said I could grab something from the pantry, so I went inside and I smelled something really good, and I thought "Mmmmm!", but there was this weird lock, so I thought, "Oh, I'll just go around the lid!", so I did that thing I do where everything goes all flat except me, and then I can see through the infinite reaches of time, space, and eternity, and that makes it easy to talk to the Elder Things that watch us while the stars are aligned, which is usually on Saturday, but only during certain seasons, but that's not the point because...Princess, is there air on the moon?
:icontwilightconfusedplz: ...
:icondashnotconviced2plz: ...
:iconwtfrarityplz: ...
:iconapplejackfcknoplz: ...
:iconflutterthinkplz: ...
:iconshockedlunaplz: ...No, Pinkamena Pie. No there is not.

If you can't say anything nice, then at least say something funny!

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Idk what the argument is cause stealing cookies is a federal offense in my book