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Flax and Wheat on a, like, groovy beach vacation. It's, like, really beneficial for ones aura and stuff.
Also... noise, and sound, like music, ... yeah.
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Hey! I'd be interested in using this as cover art for a youtube upload of a track I produced. 

I'd attribute you and all that fun stuff, plus I'm not making any money off the track so let me know. (The track is title "Mare with the bongos" so this image would fit it amazingly!)
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Wheat and Flax! I remember them!
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This is an awesome-looking stallion over there! Also, the mare next to him looks like she could be related to Fluttershy! or is this just me?
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"I think you guys need to stop smokin' that poison joke!"

"Well, that's just like, your opinion, man..."
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GENIAL miniserie- rarity
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Thank you, I loved these two and you did great with them.
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Dang it, I need to get my hands on these. Is there any place where one could just buy all the issues in order? I find the comic editions confusing. :crying:

Oh, and a very nice drawing, of course! Though I'm sure I'll appreciate it all the more when I understand it. ^_^'
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I'm sure you will - that comic is awesome!
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Haha, that was a good issue.
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i think i actually saw these in the equestria girl movie
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which Part?
the lucnh or the song?
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Yeah. I think it was the best story of the micro series so far. But I still haven't read Pinkie Pie's.

Wonderful work. And... nope no story. They are already doing something.
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we're jammin we're jammin. i wanna jam it with you. great picture i like it :)
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The first pony's pose is just... absolutely amazing.
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Ya man, we be jammin!  LOVE this; the pastel colors of the background really make the darker colors on the ponies pop.  Excellent work! :D
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