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It's her Birthday

Let's get this party started.

Here is a wallpaper version: [link]
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asdfghjkl amazing
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Yessssss! Loved that part in the episode! I often party the Twilight way! (puts a certain scene of the episode when they're throwing her in the air, on a loop, as my desktop background) Now this great artwork will be another material to potentially use ^^ Nothing stops the party! "It's her Birthday", after all!
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At first I thought she was holding a Grammy.
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:iconshiningarmorplz: "Oh no! :iconohnoesplz:"

(Because he would have at least heard about it, if not witnessed the whole thing "off-camera" :D)
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I have come here to chew bubblegum and party hard...and I'm all out of bubblegum.
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I love that movie!
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:iconapplejackreally::iconsaysplz: Uh, Twi, they do make MP3 players that are much smaller.
Oh, i said, 'Party tie.'
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Strutting down the sidewalk, blasting the happy tunes for all to hear. She arrives on the scene and everyone celebrates. Party time for Twilight, and she just read about breakdancing.
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DJ Sparkle in the mix!! Taking old school vinyl to a whole new level! Kinda makes me wonder if you could actually DJ with a couple old phonographs.
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If she wears this outfit in Equestria Girls, I will squeal in joy like a sixteen-year-old girl at a Beatles concert.
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I love this wallpaper, and it makes me laugh everytime it randoms on my computer <3
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Oh god she got a gramophone! Run for your lives!
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